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How to Pay PTCL Bill Online: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide


Paying different methods is easy and convenient. This can be done by following these steps:

PTCL Website

  • Go to PTCL Website: Visit the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited website (
  • Login or Register: If you already have a login, login with your PTCL account number and any other necessary information; if not, create one.
  • Bills Section: After logging in, click the bills tab to show all your present and previous bills.
  • Choose Payment Option: Opt for Pay Bill Online and input the payment amount.
  • Choose Payment Method: Make payment via credit card/debit card or bank account linked with PTCL.
  • Confirm Payment: You must input your payment information and press “complete transaction”. Once the transaction finishes, PTCL will send a confirmation message.

PTCL Touch App

  • Download the App: The PTCL Touch App can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Log In: Enter PTCL account details for signing into your area within the application.
  • Select Your Bill: Choose a bill that needs immediate attention for payment purposes, among others listed there.
  • Payment: Use the prompts on this application interface to pay with a credit/debit card or a bank account and complete the transaction process.

Third-Party Payment Services

Use Services like JazzCash or EasyPaisa: Mobile wallets such as JazzCash or EasyPaisa also offer payment options for PTCL bills must log in to your respective mobile wallet app, go to the bill payment section, select PTCL as biller among the list of various companies billed by them, then provide the customer number along with the amount payable.

Finally confirming through entering the PIN code sent via SMS after choosing from saved contacts associated with same mobile number used during registration process initially done while installing any one out of two apps above onto smartphone device.

Bank’s Online Portal: Most major banks operating within Pakistan offer the facility of paying utility bills online through their respective net banking portals. Log in to your bank’s portal using your username/password and navigate to the bill payment option.

Direct Debit

Setup Direct Debit: This method is most suitable if you don’t want to manually pay PTCL bills online every month. Contact your bank or financial institution that issues credit cards; ask them to establish an auto-billing feature connected with PTCL. This way, the system will automatically deduct funds from the e-account each time it generates a monthly invoice, eliminating the need for further action by the e-customer.

These techniques allow an individual to handle their bills seamlessly without physically visiting a PTCL office, thus saving time while ensuring convenience. In case there arises the need for reference purposes later on, always keep a record of the transaction. Such as taking a screenshot(s) after successful completion followed by saving it into the appropriate folder(s) created under the ‘Bill Payments’ sub-directory located within the gallery app found on the device used initially.

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