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How to Create Easypaisa Account: The Step-By-Step Guide


In Pakistan how to create easypaisa account, Easypaisa is a pilot mobile banking platform. This was invented in 2009 to allow people to send it to each other. The business created the concept so that individuals could easily give money back and forth to one another, which they have achieved. Easypaisa is also contributing towards financial inclusion in the country, one of its key goals for next year (2020). With just over 90k outlets nationwide, many employment opportunities are available through Easypasia, too; anyone can become a retailer or dealer by signing up with them.

Today, an Easypaisa account can be used to pay bills, load mobile credit onto your phone or someone else’s, send/receive money on CNIC, mobile accounts & bank accounts, etc – all Telenor users, whether they have a mobile phone or not! You do not need any documentation whatsoever except for an ID card number so therefore i will guide you on how easy it is to create an easypaisa account below. There are two ways;

1) Using the Easypaisa App:

  • Step – 1: First, you should get the Easypaisa application on Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Step – 2: Whenever you have downloaded the application, please open it and type in your mobile number. Then tap proceed.
  • Step – 3: Once you have entered your mobile number in the second step now provide your ID card details such as CNIC number & Date of issue mentioned on CNIC. Then tap next!
  • Step – 4: Next step requires setting up a security pin code consisting of five digits only.. Enter new pin code and re-enter same to confirm it again then tap proceed.
  • Step – 5: Last but not least question answer verification process where user needs select correct option based upon information given earlier during registration process.. After that just simply tap verify.

Congratulations! you have successfully created an Easypaisa account using easypaisa app. Enjoy!

2) Without the Easypaisa App: (using mobile phone sim)

For Telenor users:

  • Step – 1: Simply dial *786# from your phone.
  • Step – 2: Next you will be asked to create a five digit PIN code
  • Step – 3: For confirmation purposes, re-enter the same five digit pin code again and press send..
  • Step – 4: Once your PIN code has been confirmed successfully then your easypaisa account is ready for use!

After completing these steps above anybody can avail all services provided by easypasia through their own accounts.

For Non-Telenor users: 

You must write “EP<Space>CNIC Number” in a text message and send it to 0345-1113737.

  • After which, an Easypaisa representative will call you back.
  • The representative will register your Easypaisa Account after necessary verification.
  • Simultaneously, you will need a PIN code to activate your account.
  • After activation you can avail all services of Easypaisa account.
  • For more information regarding Easypaisa services, click here.

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