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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Ali Zafar | Urges Babar Azam to Show Confidence and Lead

Ali Zafar, a well-known Pakistani singer, recently sent a touching video message to Babar Azam. The vocalist took to X (previously known as Twitter) before the much-anticipated Pakistan-India conflict. Ali Zafar gave constructive criticism in his message, hoping to inspire and positively impact the team and its captain.

Reflecting upon recent matches

Ali Zafar said that sports are all about winning and losing; during a game, one has many opportunities to win. However, something happened in a match against the United States. During the super over, Babar Azam sent other players instead of him coming out to bat. This decision confused many fans, including Ali Zafar.

Leading from the front is important.

According to Ali Zafar, what Babar Azam did reminded him of what former Pakistani skipper Imran Khan once did at some stage in his career. Four runs were required by Australia to win off the last over under high pressure when he decided to bowl himself in that critical moment where his strong nerves, confidence, and leadership drove Pakistan towards an unlikely victory.

Ali Zafar mentioned a few inspirational quotes, including how Imran Khan always bowled himself when the game was on the line, played without fear, and led boldly. He also urged Baber Azam to play with the same spirit Imran Khan showed during his captaincy years, where decisions were based on belief rather than ability alone. Zafar believed this approach would motivate others and provide insights into past leadership experiences, potentially helping to shape future leaders like current skipper Baber Azam.

Essence of self-confidence in leadership

Directly addressing Baber Azam, the Star actor-singer highlighted the importance self-belief plays within one’s role as head honcho or any unit or organization where individuals have diverse skill sets to achieve common goals under immense pressure. Thus, there is no need to try to be like someone else when you can only be the best version of yourself, but a little more self-assuredness wouldn’t hurt.

Getting inspiration from greats

Ali Zafar’s message was a criticism and advice to make Baber Azam a better leader. He asked him to look back into history books and see what some legends did in their time so that he could apply those lessons during his tenure as captain of the national side.

Imran Khan always bowled himself when the game was online, play without fear, lead boldly were among the few inspirational quotes mentioned by Ali Zafar, who also wanted Baber Azam to play with the same kind of spirit exhibited during Imran khans captaincy years where decisions made were based on belief rather than ability alone because this would motivate others too while giving insights into past leadership experiences which might help shape future leaders such as current skipper baber azam

A passionate plea is what Ali Zafar’s message to Babar Azam represents. He requests to take charge, set precedents, and make brave choices based on his beliefs and the team’s. In light of this fact, while Pakistan gets ready for their next games, any suggestions given by such a popular figure among the public like Ali Zafar could act as a strong driving force behind Babar Azam and co., urging them not to settle for anything less than greatness but also bring honor back home.

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