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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


How to Get E-Driving License in Punjab: Step-by-Step Guide


In order for it to be easier for people in the modern world, Punjab has simplified How to Get E-Driving License in Punjab. This post is a comprehensive manual that will walk you through each step of getting an electronic driving license in Punjab with clear instructions for successful application.

How to Get E-Driving License in Punjab

Eligibility Requirements Check (Step 1)

Before applying for an electronic driving license, make sure you qualify. The minimum age requirement is 18 years for private vehicle licenses and 20 years when using as a commercial driver. Other than that, one should have a valid address within Punjab and not be legally debarred from driving.

Driving Regulations Awareness (Step 2)

Before applying for an e-license in Punjab, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some traffic rules or any other safety precautions concerning road usage that are necessary when operating any motorized vehicle. There are quite a number of RTO-approved schools in various parts of this state where one can learn these things practically as well as theoretically.

Submit Application Online (Step 3)

The initial stage towards acquiring your e-driving permit involves filling out forms on the official website provided by the Punjab Transport Department. Go to their site then click e-services followed by choosing ‘Driving License’. Register on this portal so as to access the new license application form. Fill in all required fields. Attach necessary documents such as identification card, proof of residence within the state, age, proof of passport photo(signature), and pay fees online.

Booking the Learner’s License Examination (Step 4)

When you have handed in your application form, you should book for the learner’s license test. This automated test assesses your knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, and basic driving precautions. You can get ready for this test using internet sources or study materials that your driving school gives.

Process of Issuing Learner’s License (Step 5)

After passing the learner’s license examination, a learner’s license is issued to you. It is valid for six months, during which time one should practice his/her driving skills on different road conditions.

Applying For a Permanent Driving License (Step 6)

After having a student’s license for at least one month, an individual might apply for a long-term driver’s license. Book a driving test through an online portal where an RTO officer will evaluate your driving skills. The test will require you to exhibit good vehicle handling and observance of traffic rules by performing various driving maneuvers.

Reception of Your E-Driving License (Step 7)

Once you pass the driving test, your electronic driving license is processed and sent to your registered address via mail. You can also obtain a digital copy of your license from the online portal or mParivahan mobile app authorized by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.


Achieving an electronic driving license in Punjab is a structured process that involves several critical steps, from meeting eligibility criteria and understanding driving laws to passing practical driving tests. This procedure not only streamlines the acquisition of driving licenses but also promotes higher standards of driving competence across the region.

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