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Gaza Conflict Latest Updates & Concerns – 40 More Martyrs


Doubts are increasing about the ceasefire and hostage release agreement in the Gaza Conflict, as intense fighting continued in Gaza for the third day following Joe Biden’s address.

Currently, neither side has presented a clear plan, and the ongoing conflict raises doubts about the ceasefire plan. The US President, in a conversation with the Emir of Qatar, stated that Hamas is seen as the sole obstacle to the Gaza agreement, emphasizing that it is time for Hamas to make an immediate deal. An Israeli government spokesperson indicated that Netanyahu views the Gaza ceasefire plan as partial and that discussions with the US President would address the elimination of Hamas. The IDF reported notifying the families of four individuals kidnapped from Gaza on October 7th that they are no longer alive. In the past 24 hours, Israeli bombings have resulted in 40 deaths and 147 injuries. The Zionist attacks have so far claimed 36,479 Palestinian lives and injured 82,777.

Recent Events in Conflict Zones

In the West Bank, Israeli forces shot and killed 23-year-old Adam Salahuddin and 28-year-old Mutaz Khalid, with nine others injured in the attack. The Syrian War Monitoring Organization reported that an Israeli attack near Aleppo killed 16 people, including IRGC advisor Saeed Abyar. Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon killed two people and injured several others. Meanwhile, Israel has advised its citizens to leave the Maldives. The UN stated that approximately 55 percent of Gaza’s infrastructure has been destroyed, affecting over 137,000 buildings. Palestinian authorities have filed a request to join a case filed by South Africa at the International Court. The US Secretary of State has contacted Israel’s War Cabinet Minister. Defense Minister to discuss the proposed ceasefire agreement in Gaza Conflict.

Yemeni Houthis have buried 16 fighters killed in US and UK attacks last Friday. Meanwhile, Israeli and Palestinian expert Rami Dajani mentioned that the Israeli military’s capabilities are under pressure. The ICG stated that the Israeli army, one of the world’s most heavily funded forces. Relies on reserve troops for combat. According to the Gaza War Unit Tracker, 15,000 active Israeli combat soldiers are currently engaged in fighting, with 10,000 deployed in and around Gaza, 2,500 on the northern borders, and 2,500 in the West Bank. Israel has around 26,000 reserve soldiers actively involved in the conflict. Slovenia’s opposition has submitted a motion to delay the recognition of the Palestinian state. Proposing a consultative referendum on the decree recognizing Palestine.

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