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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Tragic Gaza Airstrikes: 153 Dead, 159 Injured in 24 Hours


In the past 24 hours, Israeli airstrikes on various areas in Tragic Gaza have resulted in the deaths of 153 people and critically injured 159 others. These attacks have centered on homes and a mosque, causing tremendous devastation and loss of existence.

Airstrikes on Tragic Gaza City

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City have killed 26 humans, including 15 youngsters. These assaults have left the community in mourning and feature brought about extensive harm to residential regions.

Attack in Al-Daraj

In the Al-Daraj vicinity, an airstrike on a domestic resulted in the deaths of sixteen people. This tragic incident has similarly heightened the experience of fear and insecurity of a few of the residents of Gaza.

Bombing Near a Mosque

An airstrike concentrated on people standing close to a mosque brought about the deaths of 10 people. This assault on an area of worship has been particularly distressing for the local people.

Health Ministry’s Report

According to the Ministry of Health, the total wide variety of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks has reached 35,800, with eighty 011 injured to this point. These mind-blowing figures spotlight the continuing humanitarian disaster within the region.

Israeli Response and International Relations

Israel has expressed its willingness to resume negotiations for the release of hostages. This development comes amid the escalating violence and the urgent need for humanitarian intervention.

Diplomatic Warnings

Israel has summoned the ambassadors of Ireland, Norway, and Spain, warning them of intense consequences after those nations identified the Palestinian state. This flow underscores the tensions among Israel and nations supporting Palestinian statehood.

Drone Strike in Southern Lebanon

In a separate incident, an Israeli drone strike in southern Lebanon killed a Hezbollah fighter, Mohammad Ali. The assault also narrowly missed a college bus, miraculously leaving the students unharmed, although five youngsters were injured.

International Reactions

The International Court has announced that it’ll supply a verdict nowadays on South Africa’s request for a ceasefire in Gaza. This decision is eagerly awaited through the global network, which is asking for a quit to the hostilities.

Siege of Al-Awda Hospital

The Al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza has been under Israeli siege for five consecutive days, exacerbating the healthcare crisis and limiting access to medical aid for the injured and sick.

Colombia’s Diplomatic MoveĀ 

In a show of help for Palestine, Colombian President Gustavo Petro has ordered the hole of an embassy in Ramallah. This diplomatic flow indicates Colombia’s dedication to strengthening ties with Palestine amidst the continuing conflict.

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