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Trump Gains 3 Million TikTok Followers in 2 Days


Since the ban on TikTok was lifted. There has been much curiosity about Donald Trump and the immediate adoption of this social media platform.

It only took Trump a few days to gain over 3.4 million followers. Which is an impressive feat considering how new he is to the app. His first video has already reached more than 60 million views – not a bad start at all for someone. Who was against the app during his presidency for alleged security risks and tried to have it banned.

Trump and Khabib’s TikTok Encounter

Another thing that made people really curious about Trump joining TikTok is his encounter with former UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. In a viral video recorded at UFC 302 in Newark, New Jersey. Khabib can be seen asking Trump to interfere with what’s happening in Palestine. This odd conversation between two different characters got tons of people talking on various social media platforms.

What did these guys talk about? Trump said that if he becomes president again or whenever he gets elected next time (assuming there will be another term). One of his top priorities will be ending all wars in Gaza forever. And Khabib agreed with him! He believes that Donald has enough power and influence not only over Americans but worldwide, too, so this might actually work out somehow…

Many users were amazed to see politicians and fighters like these two together on TikTok. It really shows how diverse and unpredictable this platform can be when it comes to bringing people from different spheres closer to shared problems or interests.

It is expected that Trump’s appearance on TikTok after becoming president would cause more controversies and discussions online than ever before, especially now that millions have been watching what he does every day. While scrolling through their feeds, waiting for some new content drops from this guy who used to run our country.

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