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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Israeli Attack: 75+ Palestinians Killed


An Israeli attack on a refugee camp in western Rafah killed more than 75 Palestinians, predominantly women and children.

Israeli bombs Rafah refugee camp despite international court order.

Following an International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling that ordered Israel to stop its military operation in Rafah, the country went ahead and bombed the camp anyway. The bombing caused a fire at the site, leading to numerous civilian deaths, including those of many women and children.

Casualties are increasing in field hospitals in Rafah

According to the Red Cross, the number of patients admitted to field hospitals in the city of Rafah has been rapidly increasing. Other hospitals throughout Gaza have also reported receiving large numbers.

Violence continues as world leaders call for peace talks

Alongside these events, there was another attack by Israeli forces who targeted a house situated in the northern Gaza Strip, which resulted in death tolls reaching twelve people; there were also attacks carried out over the last 24 hours against Nusseirat, Khan Younis camps as well as Gaza City itself where over one hundred sixty Palestinian lives were claimed during these strikes alone.

EU foreign policy chief wants strong Palestinian Authority for Middle East peace process

Josep Borrell, who is currently serving as High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs, expressed his view about what needs to happen next if peace will ever be achieved, saying. “We need a strong Palestinian Authority capable of establishing peace with Israel…”.

South Africa wins legal battle against Israel over ceasefire violation

Last week Friday saw ICJ rule on the South African request ordering the immediate cessation of all military activities conducted by IDF within jurisdictions controlled either wholly or partially by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Israeli drone strike kills one person in southern Lebanon

The Lebanese news agency reports that an Israeli drone has hit Ayta ash Shab town, killing at least one person, while another sustained injuries from this attack, which took place near the border between the two countries.

Over 36,000 Palestinians dead as Israeli aggression in Gaza continues

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