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Usman Khawaja Exposes Silence on Israeli Oppression


Once again, Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja has voiced his support for the Palestinians and criticized world leaders for staying silent over Israeli atrocities.

Usman Khawaja slammed Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza, particularly the sending of forces into Rafah, which was a previously safe area. He called their actions unfair and pointed out that many innocent lives were lost in Palestine, including children, mothers, and older adults. He said that killing children isn’t just a political matter but a humanitarian crisis that needs immediate attention.

The batsman expressed his frustration by showing how individuals strive to make change while those who hold global power remain quiet. Khawaja demanded that the government increase pressure on political leaders to address the situation in Gaza and respect human rights.

Khawaja Faces ICC Action for Gaza Protest

He has spoken out for the Palestinians before. Last December, during a test match against Pakistan, he wore a black armband to protest bombings and violence against Muslims in Gaza. But the International Cricket Council (ICC) disciplined him for breaking rules anyway.

Earlier, Khawaja had also protested by wearing special shoes with slogans like “Freedom is a human right” and “All lives are equal” during a match. However, both Cricket Australia and the ICC imposed sanctions on him for this gesture.

On his Instagram account, Khawaja disapproved of the ICC’s decision by posting a video that illustrated various religious symbols and other signs on other players’ gears, which implies inconsistency in application.

The recent bombing at Rafah, the safest place in Gaza, has killed 45 innocent people, and the Gaza Ministry of Health gave this fact. It shows how urgent the situation is when 36,000 Palestinians have died in Israeli attacks since October 7th, 2023, thus indicating an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Many resonate with Khawaja’s stand for Palestinian rights as they also yearn for peaceful coexistence devoid of any forms of violence or injustice within their vicinity. His speaking out mirrors worldwide calls for answers over Israel’s treatment of these individuals.

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