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Arif Alvi: Challenges And Unity | Pakistan Politics


For the last two years, Former President and PTI leader Arif Alvi said that they have always wanted to negotiate. But this has not been taken seriously. They have suggested talks as a way to address grievances and move on for two years now. But no one seems interested. He again clarified that their criticism is against people who hinder constructive conversation rather than institutions.

The Army’s Role in National Politics

Alvi maintained his position that the army should stay out of national politics. He, however, added that unity among all stakeholders is essential. Suppose we are going to steer the country in the right direction. Any attempt to take over power through illegitimate means will result in people’s resistance, he warned.

Challenges Faced by Media and Judiciary

Commenting on the media and judiciary deadlock, which Alvi admitted could paralyze democracy. He expressed fear of massive destruction if they failed to work together as required by law. He also emphasized the necessity for these foundations of democracy to operate independently from any form of interference because they can be used to realize democratic values.

Learning from past events

In his speech, Alvi referred to what happened after the 1971 war with India and the subsequent publication of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. He said that hiding findings made by this commission indicates an unwillingness to develop because mistakes can never be rectified if they are not acknowledged. He further stated that future progress remains doubtful. Hence, the government should openly communicate its activities so that citizens understand how their lives will be impacted.

Economic Challenge

Cognizant of the difficult task ahead for economic recovery, President Alvi called upon all Pakistanis. Irrespective of their diversity, we came together as one team towards reviving our fortunes again, realizing that revival requires collective input from everyone within society’s different layers while speaking in Islamabad yesterday evening during an event organized by ICCI (Islamabad Chamber of Commerce Industry). Government alone cannot solve problems outlined in Form 47, concluded the president, hinting at the limited capacity of said policies.

In summary, Mr. Arif Alvi’s words can be interpreted as a call for dialogue, cooperation, and historical reflection amidst Pakistan’s current challenges. He also proposed a renewed commitment to democratic practices, transparency, and inclusivity during governance so that we may achieve development that benefits every citizen in this country.

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