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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Buy Animals Online with Punjab’s E-Cattle Market App


The Punjab government has introduced the E-Cattle Market app as a service of the Punjab Information Technology Board. This groundbreaking mobile application allows people to buy sacrificial animals online from their homes only, transforming the whole livestock trading system. The E-Cattle Market app designers have crafted an all-encompassing interface. And user-friendly experience for its users, who can choose from a huge number of different types of animals.

In-Depth Info and Communication

Each animal contains photos, videos, weight, prices, and other important information, such as the dealer’s direct contact number; therefore, customers do not have to visit physical markets before making up their minds on purchasing decisions. Ibrahim Tariq Shafi – Chairman of Cattle Market and Management Company, said, “With this, citizens can now select their desired animals sitting at home without going into crowded marketplaces. It saves fuel also along with time.”

User-Friendly Interface

The app also has another advantage—it has been developed with user-friendliness in mind for people who might need to be more digitally savvy. Easy navigation across different sections, such as search filters, etc., is provided so that anyone can use it without any difficulty, regardless of their knowledge about mobile phones or other gadgets.

Advantages of Using E-Cattle Market App

The main benefit offered by the new app is convenience. Buyers no longer need to physically travel from one place to another looking for sellers or inspecting livestock at different locations across town. Now, anyone can accomplish everything comfortably from home, just by sitting behind a computer screen.

Detailed Info

The app shows comprehensive details about each animal including pictures taken from multiple angles (front, back) or videos recorded while walking weighing.

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