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Tragic Pre-Hajj Robbery Kills Lahore Professor


On the eve of Hajia Asma’s departure for Mecca, tragic struck her family in Lahore’s Iqbal Town when the armed intruders who attacked her father and brother shot one of them dead.

The Dreadful Incident Tragic

Yesterday evening, two robbers waiting near their house confronted Professor Shoaib as he came back home after changing currency from a local market to perform this year’s hajj pilgrimage. They demanded cash at gunpoint but became violent upon meeting resistance.

Attack Description

Things escalated rapidly between Professor Shoaib trying his best to shield both himself and Dad while wrestling with these guys who were more than ready to shoot anyone that stood in their way; unfortunately, they had their guns trained on him before he could even react – firing multiple rounds into his chest area thereby killing him instantly. The father sustained fatal wounds during this exchange, too, but died later at Jinnah Hospital.

Police Action Taken So Far & Ongoing Investigation Process

Upon receiving information about the incident from Professor Shoaib. Who managed to escape with severe injuries sufficient for filing a formal complaint against them under relevant sections of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). The concerned police station immediately registered FIR No xxx dated 30th July 2023. Following this, they constituted an investigation team headed by SHO Iqbal Town to trace, arrest, record statements from witnesses. And gather other evidence required to prove these robbers guilty in court.

Victims’ Present Condition Tragic

Farooq was planning on leaving this morning. But instead, his family members are mourning over his untimely death while still battling emotional and physical scars left behind by such events. These, according to health officials present there right now. Fighting death itself, struggling, and dealing with psychological trauma caused by not only losing someone very close, like a father figure but also witnessing everything happen in front of one’s own eyes. being unable to do anything save oneself.

Concerns About Safety in the Community and its Effect on People’s Lives

This shocking incident has sent shockwaves throughout the Iqbal Town community. Which is now gripped with fear as it poses questions about our safety during hajj season. When we are most vulnerable to such crimes.

Many people have urged the deployment of additional forces to safeguard pilgrims traveling from this area. They also recommend that the government ensures all necessary measures are taken to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents here or in any other part within Lahore city limits.

So far, affected areas will remain under tight watch until further notice.However, there remain some doubts whether these measures are sufficient even after what happened this morning.

In solidarity with bereaved families demanding justice and speedy recovery of wounded victims like Professor Shoaib. Who currently lies bedridden at an undisclosed location. fighting both physical and emotional injuries sustained during yesterday’s attack.

This event underscores the necessity of exerting more effort to guarantee people’s security, particularly within religious circles where live

This event emphasizes the importance of making greater efforts to ensure people’s security, especially within religious circles where lives could be lost due to insufficient security measures. This highlights the failure of authorities to provide adequate protection for citizens.

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