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PTI MPA’s Complaint Suspends Two Traffic Officers


Two traffic police officers suspended Sher Ali Afridi, a Provincial Assembly (MPA) member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), for fines.

Incident Leading to the Suspension PTI 

The Peshawar traffic police said they issued a Rs500 challan to the MPA for violating traffic rules. Afridi said that they stopped when signaled by the traffic officer. He further reported that Afridi’s brother told them that he was an MPA, but notwithstanding this fact, the officer used bad words and misbehaved with them.

Details of the Complaint PTI 

Sher Ali Afridi explained that one of these officers stopped them, and his brother attempted to disclose their identity. Still, things went wrong in no time as he used disrespectful language against and maltreated him, saying professionals like them could never tolerate such behavior before lodging formal complaints, leading to their suspensions.

Reaction from Traffic Police

In response, traffic police stated that they suspended these two individuals based on an application filed by Mr. Sher Ali Afridi, MPA, where necessary actions will be taken after investigation so that such incidents will not happen again.

Public and Media Response

The public has taken up this matter as a discussion on the conduct of traffic police officers vis-a-vis political figures’ involvement with law enforcement agencies across Pakistan. Some people argue that those were doing their job. In contrast, others feel that his status as an elected representative at the provincial level might have exerted some influence. But what happened can only come out through thorough investigations into all aspects related thereof, added another person present during the conversation after reading these lines aloud several times over coffee cups filled halfway through steaming hot mugs then back into cold ones, waiting nearby until someone responds or walks away without saying anything more about either side of the argument.


This event has brought into sharp focus ongoing difficulties surrounding accountability and professionalism in the police force. The reaction by traffic police to the complaint and subsequent suspension of these officers shows a willingness to address grievances but also raises questions about power balances between members representing public interest against those appointed as custodians for law enforcement among other citizens. t will be interesting to see what results investigations conclude, as they could set a precedence for handling such cases.

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