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China and Pakistan to send 1,000 students for agri training.


China and Pakistan have agreed to increase cooperation in different areas, according to a joint statement released in Islamabad at the end of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s five-day visit to Xi’an. China hoped the new government would meet the Pakistani people’s unity, stability, and security expectations. The Prime Minister announced sending one thousand students to China for agricultural training. During his visit to the Yangling Agricultural Technology Demonstration Base in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s hometown, Shehbaz Sharif spent a busy day. On this occasion, the Premier was briefed about the base’s work, established under President Xi Jinping’s guidance in 2019. It was informed that 142 Pakistani students are currently studying at Yangling Agricultural University while 120 students have already graduated; ongoing collaborative agricultural research between Quaid-e-Azam University and Ayub Agricultural Research Pakistan was also discussed.

While reviewing methods of cultivating vegetables using artificial light.

Someone told him that Yangling Agriculture High-Tech Industry and Demonstration Base is China’s first high-tech industrial development zone. Therefore, he sent one thousand Pakistani students for advanced agriculture training on Government expenses at Yangling Agricultural Demonstration Base. According to his instructions, the Pakistani ambassador should plan with Chinese authorities to China and other relevant officials. The Prime Minister invited Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (NWAFU) to open its campus in Pakistan. He was assuring full support from the Government of Pakistan. He also visited different sections, including the Pakistani pavilion, which displayed products from various countries participating in cooperative research projects, among them being first with our country. The briefing further highlighted the involvement of scientists & university research carried out there.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan is an agricultural country where every inch of land should produce more. Therefore, we must strive for innovation to raise per-acre yields. He added enhancing export-processed agri items remains a top priority. The PM attended a modern plant production factory showing different stages of vertical farming. Federal Ministers Khawaja Asif, Ahsan Iqbal, Aurangzeb Attaullah Tarar, and Dr Musadik Malik Rana Tanveer Husain were also present.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif visited the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum. Where he was briefed about heritage conservation, restoration, and tourism promotion. He appreciated the beauty and skillfulness of Chinese historical artifacts and commented that great civilizations like China protect their past glories, too. Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage, and many archaeological sites await transformation into tourist destinations.

In addition, the PM met Jia Yida Party Secretary Shaanxi Province Xi’an, and both sides agreed to cooperate in agriculture, energy, mining, etc. The Premier constituted a committee led by Dr. Musadik Malik to finalize the agreement. After touring some ancient places within the city walls. He lauded the crafts produced by local craftsmen while noting efforts made by the Shaanxi government towards preserving culture.

The Prime Minister returned to Pakistan after finishing his visit to China, which lasted five days. Shaanxi Province Vice Governor Chen Chenjiang and senior Chinese and Pakistani diplomats saw the Prime Minister off when he left. In their joint statement, China and Pakistan restated the latter’s support for its sovereignty and national independence. Territorial integrity and development path align with national conditions. It also reaffirmed full support for safeguarding national security stability and prosperity. Playing a key role against terrorism regionally and internationally, among other areas. Both sides vowed zero tolerance on any form of terrorism while underscoring wider counterterrorism cooperation based on a holistic approach towards further enhancing such actions so far reached.

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