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PTI Founder’s Political Tactics | Power Play Exposed


The PTI Founder’s talks about negotiating only with the powerful has exposed his mindset and political style. He believes that in the country, the powerful entity is the Pakistani establishment, and he will only negotiate with those who hold power. Referring to General Musharraf’s era, he mentioned that he didn’t talk to Shaukat Aziz but to Musharraf’s representative back then. This conversation indicates two things: firstly, he is not willing to sit with political forces, and secondly, he considers the establishment the sole center of power in the country and is only willing to engage with them.

This also reveals his commitment to democracy and his democratic and political behavior. He seems to forget that those who come to power through negotiations with powerful or decision-making forces are ultimately accountable to them. When they act against their wishes or appear to do so, it becomes impossible for them to stay in power. This is the real tragedy of Pakistani democracy.

Looking at PTI’s politics, it has always been reliant on support and signals. Whether it was the 2014 protest sit-in or attempts to influence elected governments or political forces, the founder of PTI played the role of a facilitator. Because of this, they were prepared as a third political force and brought into the field. Then, in the 2018 elections, non-political troops got them to power, as evident from the founder’s statements. However, when those who brought and supported. They saw that the government was failing and Pakistan was moving backward economically; they withdrew their support.

As a result, they had to bear the cost of being labeled with titles like Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq. Then, to influence the system, the PTI Founder forced his assembly members to resign from the National Assembly and dissolved his governments and assemblies in two provinces. Since then, he has been doing everything to assert his power, disregarding state or national interests. He is adamant about declaring everyone else a liar to prove himself truthful. The cipher, which he used as a basis to claim that the end of his government resulted. An American conspiracy was also abandoned. He is the only politician in Pakistan’s history. He has refused to sit with his opponents by turning political rivalry into personal enmity. And he continues to adhere to this stance.

Under his mindset and strategy, the PTI founder has seen himself calling out to Pakistan’s establishment and using specific tactics to get their attention. When he attempted to create the impression that his party and the establishment had resumed relations. The establishment clarified that reconciliation or dialogue is the government’s job, not theirs. The Supreme Court of Pakistan also advised him similarly. But Khan insisted on negotiating only with the powerful forces, believing the solution lies with them. What can a political party that looks to the powerful for solutions and appears in awe of? Do they deliver in future politics? Therefore, until political forces sit together to make decisions for strengthening democracy and politics and move forward, there will be no future for politics in Pakistan.

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