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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Supreme Court Benches Convene in Lahore Key Cases Today


Next week, the Supreme Court of Pakistan will convene at the Supreme Court Lahore Registry for a sequence of essential hearings. Separate benches will preside over these hearings, which hold enormous importance for the prison landscape of the United States of America.

While Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice Ayesha A. Malik will sit on Bench No. 1, Justice Aminuddin Khan and Justice Shahid Waheed will form Bench No. 2. The hearings are scheduled from June 10th to June 14th.

The court sessions of this week are not just routine proceedings. They signify a significant task for the Supreme Court, as both benches are expected to handle various legal problems. This implies that judges will hear cases touching on different branches of law, demonstrating the complex nature of these issues when brought before them.

The decision to have two benches in operation reflects the Supreme Court’s proactive approach to expedite legal processes and address the backlog. This demonstrates the judiciary’s unwavering commitment to dispensing justice promptly, a promise bolstered by the judges’ extensive knowledge and experience in handling complex legal cases.

Bench Two’s Role in Justice

Similarly, during this period when many people are seeking closure through courts such as these, bench number two, consisting of judges, namely Honorable Justice Aminuddin Khan and Honorable Mr. Justice Shahid Waheed, would equally play significant roles towards achieving justice within society since they possess the necessary legal expertise required by such institutions tasked with dispensing justice like ours here in Pakistan.

The cases listed for hearing include civil, criminal, and constitutional matters. This comprehensive spectrum of legal issues, from human rights to commercial disputes, underscores the vast scope of the scheduled sessions and the challenges our legal system is currently grappling with.

What is important now, especially when many people come looking for answers through our courts, is the speed in dispensing justice because credibility and effectiveness within the judiciary may begin fading gradually without it. But I want to quote, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

These hearings are not just a platform for the judiciary to dispense justice. They are an avenue where citizens can voice their grievances before competent authorities established by law for such purposes. We hope that judges will deliver fair judgments based on relevant legal provisions. Ensuring equal treatment for all parties concerned as provided under the due process clause enshrined within Constitution Act no: 33/2008 revised edition 2010.

Ultimately, what requires attention here more than anything else is a commitment by judges to the realization of these ideals, which demand impartiality coupled with independence so that they may become guiding principles during decision-making processes undertaken by them whenever sitting in different benches constituted from time to time across various levels, including this one at the Supreme Court Lahore registry and others.

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