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Mini Vlogger Shiraz | Return to Social Media After 3 Weeks

Mini vlogger Shiraz, hailing from a small town in Gilgit-Baltistan, returned to social media after just three weeks with his sister Muskan and released their first vlog. A sudden return signifies an interesting episode in the life of a young video blogger, particularly in view of a break that could have killed his online career. Now, let’s hear about Shiraz and the story of his success, as well as what he and his family had to go through.

Shiraz’s Early Life

Beginning January 2024

Shiraz launched his vlogs on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook at the beginning of January 2024. He entered vlogging with no great ambition, hoping to share some aspects of life in the beautiful region of Gilgit-Baltistan, rich in culture and natural aesthetics. In these earliest videos, he would depict scenes around his hometown, daily routines, or personal stories that resonated with many viewers.

First Vlog and Explosion in Popularity

On January 17, 2024, Shiraz published his very first vlog on YouTube, which has now been viewed over one million times! This immediate impact demonstrated both how interestingly he presents content and what it feels like to see things through the eyes of such a young person living so far away from mainstream media outlets like Pakistan itself. His genuine passion for what he does, along with an infectious positive attitude toward life, quickly won him a large number of followers.

International Recognition

Reaching Out To Different Countries

Within just a few vlogs, Shiraz managed not only to capture the attention of Urdu-speaking audiences within Pakistan and India but also internationally. With an innocent approach characterized by charm coupled with variety in terms of the subject matter covered during each video post, this helped him establish strong bonds among fans worldwide who subscribed en masse, making numbers grow beyond imagination where subscribers count reached over one point six million people according to YouTube statistics soon after uploading those clips.

Unique Appeal of Shiraz’s Vlogs

Shiraz’s content was interesting because it showed a different part of the world. His vlogs mostly revealed Gilgit-Baltistan’s picturesque landscapes but also portrayed the local customs and rural simplicity. This perspective was unique among other vloggers and contributed greatly to his becoming popular very quickly.

The Unexpected Stop

The Break in Mid-May

But last month, in mid-May, Shiraz released his previous vlog, explaining that his father has forbidden him from making vlogs anymore so that he won’t be creating videos with his sister, either. He said this to his followers as a complete surprise since they were used to watching his updates regularly, which were always interesting.

Focus on Education

He mentioned that his father had instructed him to focus on his education, which is why they would no longer make vlogs. This decision highlighted the often-overlooked aspect of child influencers’ lives: the need to balance their online activities with their educational and personal development.

Parental Concerns and the Return

Father’s Perspective

Shiraz’s father later explained in his video that changes were occurring in his son’s personality and affecting his education. Therefore, he decided to keep his son away from social media. This insight provided a deeper understanding of the family’s decision. The sudden fame and the demands of creating content regularly had begun to impact Shiraz’s academic performance and his overall well-being.

The Comeback

Despite the break, Shiraz and his sister Muskan made a surprising return to social media after just three weeks. Their return was met with joy and relief by their followers, who were eager to see their favorite vlogger back in action. The first vlog after their return marked a new chapter, with Shiraz appearing more focused and balanced, likely due to the time off and his father’s guidance.

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