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How to Get China Visa From Pakistan: A Complete Guide


If in Pakistan you want a Chinese visa, follow these steps: gather the necessary documents, complete an application form and submit it along with other requirements to any visa facility or China embassy. Here is How to Get China Visa From Pakistan:

Know the Type of Visa:

Choose the correct category based on its usage (e.g., tourism, business, study, or work). Different requirements and procedures may apply for various types of visas.

Prepare Required Documents:

Passport – Should Be Valid For At Least Six Months With Two Blank Pages.

Visa Application Form—Fill out The Details On V2013 And Attach One Recent Color Passport-size Photo Against A White Background.

Supporting Documents—depending On The Various Categories Under Which Visas Are Issued, Additional Documents Like Invitation Letters From China, Hotel Bookings/flight Reservations, Bank Statements, Letter(S) From Employer(S), Proof(S)of Legal Stay/residence, Etc., May Be Required.

Submit Your Application:

You can submit your application through the Chinese Visa Application Service Center, Situated In Islamabad, Karachi, Or Lahore, Instead of Going Directly to The Embassy Or Department General.

Please Note That Sometimes An Appointment Is Needed Before Visiting To Submit Visa Applications Through the CVASC Website.

Paying for Your Visa:

The fee differs depending on the number of entries required by type. Pay when submitting at the Visa Application Center usually.

Attending Interview if Called For:

In some cases, there might be interviews at the Embassy or Consulate required for certain types of visas.

Getting Back Your Passport Along With Issued Visa:

After about 4-5 working days (usually), you can collect your passport back from CVASC in person. Alternatively, you may opt for a courier service facility (by paying extra charges) if available to get it delivered to your given address.

Checking the Visa:

Once you get your passport back, please check it thoroughly to make sure that all information on the visa sticker is correct. Also, read and understand the duration of your stay allowed as per this visa, along with other conditions mentioned there.

Always cross-check the official Chinese Visa Application Service Center website or the Embassy of China in Pakistan for the latest and most specific requirements, as visa policies/requirements may change from time to time.

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