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Drama in Islamabad Court: Imran Khan wedding Appeal Hearing

In the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad, after the hearing of appeals against the sentence in the marriage case of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawyers launched an attack on Bushra Bibi’s former husband Khawar Maneka outside the court. Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand also left the chamber without delivering the verdict and wrote a letter to the Registrar’s Office to transfer the case to another court.

Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand heard the marriage case, and complainant Khawar Maneka appeared before the court.

At the beginning of the hearing, the judge asked Khawar Maneka’s lawyer, Rizwan Abbasi, if they had provided evidence on two points.

Later, decisions from the Supreme Court were presented in court by Rizwan Abbasi.

Upon this, Khawar Maneka said that he wanted to present some reports in court. What happened to me? My lawyers cannot tell; I will speak for myself.

The judge remarked to let the lawyer complete the evidence first and then give him the opportunity.

At this point, Imran Khan’s lawyer, Usman Gull, said that Khawar Maneka’s actions are affecting the court proceedings. They should be issued a contempt of court notice. Khawar Maneka noted that the judge should give me just ten minutes.

Drama in Islamabad Court Imran Khan wedding Appeal Hearing

He said that I have connections with the villages, and a fake divorce certificate was made for my daughter on social media.

Later, there was an intense verbal altercation between PTI lawyers and Khawar Maneka in the courtroom.

Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand, who was hearing the case, asked the lawyers if they wanted to make a scene.

Khawar Maneka said that authorities treat Imran Khan, a former Prime Minister, with leniency. He also stated that even poor people deserve to be heard. On January 1, the children did not even know about the marriage. I told the children that the waiting period ends on February 14, and then we would see if the marriage happened. Then, on February 18, the marriage was finalized.

At this point, the court prevented Khawar Maneka from using inappropriate language for PTI.

I didn’t know what was happening in my house, Khawar Maneka said.

PTI’s army comes and abuses me. Usman Riaz Gill, Advocate, told me in court to pick it up and throw it out. Imran Khan is ready to raise the Quran on small matters. I didn’t know what was happening in my house. We have messages from Jahangir Tareen that everything is over now. I can show all the messages in court. I swear I didn’t know about the marriage of my children. What did I know that Imran Khan had secretly married my wife? I was betrayed. Are Allah’s people like the founders of PTI?

Khawar Maneka said that the founders of PTI have a habit of raising the Quran.

PTI’s lawyers told Khawar Maneka to stay within his limits; he would suffer himself.

Khawar Maneka said, cursed by Imran Khan’s faith, PTI doesn’t know anything about the Quran; they deceived me in the name of Allah. PTI doesn’t leave women.

PTI workers shouted slogans fiercely at Khawar Maneka’s statement.

Upon this, the court directed Khawar Maneka to return to the case.

Imran Khan did nothing but corruption, former husband Bushra Bibi.

Bushra Bibi’s former husband further stated that Islamic society has been ruined for the past four years; nature’s grip is catching Imran Khan. Imran Khan deceived the children. Apart from corruption, he did nothing.

Session Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand directed Khawar Maneka to note down your points; tell me some more points.

Khawar Maneka said that Imran Khan has ruined society, and sisters and daughters have turned against their parents. When I told the children that I was divorced, the children cried a lot. My mother died of grief. On this, Khawar Maneka became emotional in the courtroom.

Continuing her remarks, they claimed that someone deceived Imran Khan in the name of Allah and the Prophet. No one asked you for four years; there was no issue, and everyone contacted me for work. Pervez Ilahi came to me for his child’s work. My daughter has been divorced. She is sitting idle after leaving home.

Bushra Bibi says my children have died for me, Khawar Maneka. Khawar Maneka, getting extremely emotional, said that Bushra Bibi said my children had been killed for me. Khawar Maneka raised his hand in the courtroom and cursed Imran Khan.

Later, Khawar Maneka’s assistant lawyer contacted the session judge to transfer their case to another court. Session Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand remarked that the request for transfer had already been dismissed.

At this point, Khawar Maneka said that damn Imran Khan.

The session judge directed him to tell his lawyer what he wanted to say, to which Khawar Maneka replied to the judge, I do not want you to make a decision, the judge asked what the reason was.

Khawar Maneka said that I do not know. But PTI has done the same in previous courts; Session Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand remarked that. If there is a solid reason, then tell me. Khawar Maneka said that Imran Khan is playing with people’s minds on social media; Session Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand noted that not everyone sees social media.

Khawar Maneka, while removing PTI workers from the courtroom, said that the judges were sitting and the PTI workers were dancing; laughter erupted in the courtroom upon his statement.

Session Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand remarked that some judge has to make a decision, consult Rizwan Abbasi, and tell them what they want.

Later, Imran Khan’s lawyer presented evidence in court that Khawar Maneka made emotional statements but did not provide any legal evidence.

Upon this, Khawar Maneka spoke to the lawyer that may Allah do the same with your house, Khawar Maneka spoke to PTI Chairman Gohar Ali on the phone that you people don’t even know Imran Khan, fear Allah.

During this time, there was again severe bitterness between Khawar Maneka and Usman Gil.

PTI lawyer Naeem Panjutha stated that someone planted Khawar Maneka, and the court comprehended Khawar Maneka’s intentions.

Session Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand remarked that they repeatedly expressed a lack of confidence.

PTI leader Gohar Khan, speaking to the media, said that the previous judge had already dismissed the request for distrust. That is why the judge has ordered that I write a letter to the High Court, and the High Court will decide whether I want to hear this case again or if someone else wants to listen to it. We condemn this. This is unfair, and this is murder of justice.

They said that we requested the judge to suspend the sentence.

This case is bogus and baseless, but the judge did not suspend the sentence; they have already decided it. This is unconstitutional.

Khawar Maneka made unethical remarks, Shabli Faraz. PTI leader Shabli Faraz said that today, Khawar Maneka used very bad language. The judge should have stopped him. He has made unethical remarks. We regret this. We know that there is pressure on the courts today. Sitting on the throne of justice, you should do justice. These are just tactics to prevent bail and relief.

Shabli Faraz stated that the courts should administer justice; the case they have fabricated has insulted all the women of Pakistan, and these are politically motivated cases, and we will obtain justice.

At this point, Omar Ayub said that this was a ridiculous conspiracy to keep the former Prime Minister and Bushra Bibi on a tight leash. This case has ended, and this case decided to come today. Thank God I am proud of my colleagues for the fiery argument in the court by Khawar Maneka. Our comrades have shown reflection on it. We remained silent for the release of Imran Khan, but this is not our weakness. It is our strength; in a country where there is no rule of law, there will be no progress; our plea is that the court shows its courage as the judges of the Islamabad High Court did by writing a letter.

District and Sessions Court Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand has written to the Registrar of Islamabad High Court to transfer appeals to another court.

The letter stated that Khawar Manika expressed no confidence in the open court, and the court previously rejected the request for no confidence. Another court should handle the appeals for Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi’s marriage case. The complainant and their lawyer used delaying tactics in the appeals, so the court should set a timeline for decisions on appeals.

On January 31, the Islamabad High Court decided to dismiss the marriage case during its tenure. Earlier, on January 18, Imran Khan requested the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court to take over the marriage case.

On January 15, Bushra Bibi challenged the illegal marriage case in the Islamabad High Court. She requested that the court send it to the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court on January 17.

However, on January 16, the authorities registered a criminal case against Imran Khan and his wife, Bushra Bibi, in the illegal marriage case.


It is clear that on November 25, in the court of Justice Qudrat in Islamabad, Khawar Manika, Bushra Bibi’s former husband, filed a case against Imran Khan and his wife for illegal relationships during the marriage. They applied to sections 494/34, B-496, and other sections.

The application stated that the relationship is with the Maneka family of Pakpattan. Bushra Bibi’s marriage took place in 1989. It continued smoothly until Imran Khan intervened during Islamabad sit-ins through his associate. Who the applicant believes has strong ties with Jewish lobbyists in the United Arab Emirates.

Khawar Manika stated that on one occasion when he suddenly went to his house, he found Zulfi Bukhari alone in his bedroom, who often came with Imran Khan.


In the application, he mentioned that Bushra Bibi started visiting his house without his permission. During this period, harsh exchanges occurred even though they attempted to stop her forcefully.

The paragraph further stated that Farah Dogar gave Bushra Bibi various mobile phones and SIM cards on the instructions of the PTI chairman.

Khawar Manika stated in the application that both had established illegal relations with each other before the infamous marriage. His employee Latif revealed this fact to him.

The application further stated that although they made efforts to improve the family situation, they wasted all of them, and the complainant filed for divorce on November 14, 2017.

According to Khawar Manika’s application, Bushra Bibi married Imran Khan on January 1, 2018, during the tenure, which is illegal and against Islamic teachings.

They further wrote that after revealing the marriage during the tenure, both remarried in February 2018 through Mufti Saeed. So, this is a serious offense under sections 496/496 B of the Pakistan Penal Code as they had already fled before both marriages.

The application requested authorities to summon and strictly punish Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi according to the constitution and law.

On December 11, Islamabad’s local court deemed the case of illegal marriage filed. By Khawar Manika against Imran Khan and his wife, Bushra Bibi, admissible.

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