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Ahmad Farhad Captured by Authorities | Latest Update


In the Islamabad High Court, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani is presiding over the case of the recovery of the missing poet Ahmad Farhad. Federal Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar is also present in the courtroom.

During the proceedings, the Attorney General of Pakistan, Mansoor Usman Awan, presented a report from the Islamabad Police Station to the High Court.

The Attorney General informed the Islamabad High Court that Ahmad Farhad is currently in custody under the supervision of the Azad Kashmir Police.

In the course of the case hearing, the lawyer representing the poet, Emaan Mazarai, Advocate, appeared before the court and stated that another citizen had gone missing, and an FIR was filed four days later.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani inquired about the information provided. Emaan Mazarai stated that he had been posting on social media regarding Kashmir.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani directed the Islamabad Inspector General of Police to look into the matter, and the court stated that for now, they were just informing them to look into it.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani emphasized that there is no enmity with any agency; they only advocate for working according to the law.

Law Minister Highlights Youth Involvement in Violence

The Law Minister commented on the unfortunate situation where even fourteen-year-old children are resorting to violence with bombs. Justice Kayani expressed the hope that institutions would develop a habit of working within the bounds of the law.

The Law Minister suggested that Parliament should also play its role. Justice Mohsin Kayani mentioned that they had raised some questions for which answers are still pending.

It was mentioned during the hearing that PEMRA had imposed restrictions on broadcasting court proceedings on TV. The Law Minister stated that it was a separate matter not under discussion.

During the proceedings, the Law Minister highlighted the intense social media campaign. The court advised leaving social media, stating that if they don’t see it, it doesn’t matter.

The Islamabad High Court directed the Dheerkot Police Station in Azad Kashmir to recover the missing poet Ahmad Farhad.

On May 16, someone allegedly abducted poet Ahmad Farhad, and the Loi Bheer police station in Islamabad registered the case.

The wife of the poet, Syeda Arooj, filed a complaint alleging that unknown individuals abducted her husband from Suhawn Garden and also damaged the CCTV cameras and took away the DVR from their house.

She further stated that unknown individuals took her husband in their car, and since her husband is sick and requires medication, they should be provided with information about his whereabouts.

The Islamabad High Court had directed the recovery of the missing poet Ahmad Farhad by today’s date under any circumstances.

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