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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Gaza War | Gantz’s Ultimatum Rocks Netanyahu Coalition


A member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet, Benny Gantz, has taken a drastic step and threatened to quit the government if a plan for the future of the Gaza conflict is not put forward by June 8th.

Background: Gaza War

Former Israeli Defence Minister and critical ally of Netanyahu’s government, Benny Gantz, has issued a request calling for a clear path on what should happen next concerning the Gaza War conflict.

Gantz’s Demands

Gantz expressed his demands via a six-point draft proposal, which included governance arrangements for the post-Gaza War Strip. He warned that failure to respond to these points would mean his resignation from the government under Netanyahu.

Significance Of Gantz’s Ultimatum

The warning by Ganz deepens existing divisions within cabinet and coalition partners at a time when domestic and international pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Netanyahu over perceived injustices in Gaza vis-à-vis world opinion concerning this latest round with Hamas – which had been primarily seen as another failure for Israel due mainly because it did not achieve any strategic objectives nor improve its regional standing.

Gantz’s Key Proposals

Some other things outlined were the return of Israeli/non-Israeli captives, complete eradication of Hamas governance, de-militarization of the Gaza Strip, establishment of International administration for the benefit of the civilian population there, etcetera. According to him, those are just words without actions, so we shall see how true he can be.

Netanyahu’s Response

In response to his request, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that meeting these demands amounts to surrendering one’s country before its enemies, which would lead to capitulation and, therefore, defeat. He added that following through with everything asked by Benny would mean abandoning IDF soldiers held captive by Hamas terrorists, allowing them to continue ruling over their people in the Gaza strip, and finally endorsing the creation of Palestinian statehood, among others to numerous mention here now!

Contexts And Challenges

Israel has been carrying out offensive operations against Gaza for the last eight months to quash Hamas resistance. Still, these efforts have not borne fruit so far, resulting in a higher number of Palestinian civilian casualties as well as IDPs while also facing a global backlash over attacks on civilians’ areas within this territory.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza War

United Nations estimates show that since October 7th,2023, more than thirty-five thousand four hundred people have died from Israeli aggression on the strip, leaving another seventy-nine thousand injured. The number of displaced Palestinians from Rafah alone has crossed eight hundred thousand, according to UN figures.

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