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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


UAE Aids Pakistan’s Progress: Al Romaithi


Bakheet Al Romaithi, the Consul General of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), visited a wind power plant in Gharo, Sindh. Many consider this move a significant step forward in exploring sustainable energy and fostering bilateral cooperation.

The consul general meticulously inspected each unit of the wind power plant and expressed appreciation for the hard work being carried out there. His trip highlighted the UAE’s commitment to establishing partnerships to promote renewable energy projects in Pakistan.

Al Romaithi emphasized the diverse benefits that harnessing wind energy can bring, including its capacity to alleviate pressure from the national economy and decrease environmental degradation. He also stressed that green energies were key solutions for tackling the energy crisis’ impact on the environment while addressing issues related to scarcity and sustainability of power supply.

In his speech, Al Romaithi reiterated the UAE government’s unwavering support for Pakistan’s efforts to overcome major socio-economic challenges like electricity generation and education provision, among others. He expressed solidarity with Islamabad and hoped that one day, it would become a global player across different sectors.

On the other hand, he stated that Pakistan should invest more in wind power infrastructure to enhance security within its borders and alleviate people’s suffering due to electricity shortages. According to him, if Pakistan strategically expands its capacity for generating electricity using wind turbines, then not only would it meet local demands but also position itself as the regional leader in using clean sources of power.


Mr. Al Romaithi indicated the UAE government’s strong desire to identify potential areas where they can invest heavily in wind farms all over Pakistan, especially those located along coastal lines facing the Arabian Sea, since these regions have the highest speed winds necessary for running turbines effectively.

He said such partnerships are mutually beneficial because they contribute to diversifying the energy sector within Pakistan, which aligns well with Dubai’s vision of sustainable development and green investment.

This visit by the UAE consul general demonstrates growing relations between two countries—the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan—particularly in renewable energy cooperation. The paragraph suggests that both nations actively commit to fostering innovation, sustainable development, and economic growth by forming strategic alliances with other countries.

In addition to this, joint initiatives like these not only help address immediate power needs but also lay the foundation for resilient energy system(s) capable of meeting the requirements of future generations in different parts of Pakistan. Therefore, while striving for self-sufficiency in terms of electricity generation, there should be no hesitation when it comes to engaging international partners because their experiences can significantly transform the landscape within our borders, thus accelerating progress toward the realization of sustainable go. als

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