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The Military Operation on Rafah Should Be Stopped Now


International Court Orders Israel to Halt Military Operations in Rafah

The International Court of Justice has ordered Israel to cease its military operations in Military Operation on Rafah. The court issued its decision, with a majority of 13-2, following a petition by South Africa. Justice Nawaf Salam read the verdict.

The ruling stipulates that the Israeli army has to forestall its operations in Rafah, Gaza, straight away because of the extreme humanitarian crisis faced by way of the residents of the Gaza Strip. The courtroom also ordered Israel to open the Rafah border crossing. The judgment warned that the navy operation in Rafah ought to cause a catastrophic humanitarian disaster. Israel needs to record back within a month the measures taken to enhance the situation in Gaza and to permit worldwide investigative groups access to the Gaza Strip.

The court highlighted the giant threats posed to Palestinian human beings with the aid of Israeli moves in Rafah. Following weeks of bombing, Israel started a ground operation in Rafah, failing to take acceptable protection measures for evacuation. The operation has displaced 800,000 Palestinians. The courtroom stated that the United Nations had repeatedly warned Israel about the dangers of the operation. These warnings are now turning into a fact. The court docket additionally emphasized the immediate and unconditional launch of Israeli hostages.

During the hearing, South Africa argued that the military operation in Rafah was the final phase of the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. It stated that the right to self-defense does not justify genocide and called for additional measures to protect Palestinians. However, Israel has refused to comply with the court’s decision to halt the operation in Rafah. Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich declared that the ceasefire order was unacceptable. Stating that stopping the war in Gaza would mean the destruction of Israel.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif welcomed the selection, urging the United Nations and the global network to make sure of its immediate implementation. According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office. The enforcement of the decision would pave the way for global peace. The Prime Minister praised South Africa for filing the petition. South Africa also welcomed the court’s order for Israel to cease its aggression in Rafah, with Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor urging UN member states to support the ruling. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted that all parties must comply with the court’s order. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Qatar also welcomed the decision calling for Israel to be stopped from attacking other Palestinian territories as well. Hamas spokesperson Bassem Naim expressed support for the court’s order. Still, he deemed it insufficient, noting that Israeli attacks in different parts of Gaza, particularly northern Gaza, are equally severe and dangerous.

The Israeli military reported that the bodies of three hostages captured on October 7 were recovered from Gaza. Additionally, the Israeli army conducted heavy airstrikes in Gaza City overnight. Killing five members of a single family in the targeted al-Daraj neighborhood. Israeli operations are also ongoing in Jabalia and its surroundings, with clashes reported between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters. The Israeli forces continue to besiege Kamal Adwan Hospital.

In related news, British police arrested 16 people protesting against the Gaza war at Oxford University. The European Union urged Israel not to threaten ICC judges. The court’s prosecutor clarified that presenting the case should not be seen as anti-Semitic. Italian politician Stefano Apuzzo showed support for Palestine by raising two Palestinian flags in the Italian Parliament. The World Bank warned that the Palestinian Authority faces an economic smash as earnings resources lessen and economic sports plummet amid the Gaza struggle. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s spokesperson added that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu could be arrested if he entered Germany following an ICC conflict crimes indictment. U.S. President Joe Biden declared that he does now not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Court.

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