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PM Shahbaz Supports Nawaz for PML-N Unity


PM Shahbaz Sharif’s assertion and party nominations

For the betterment of the country, PM Shahbaz Sharif suggests that all political parties join hands with Nawaz Sharif because he is the only unifying force capable of addressing national challenges.


The central working committee nominated Shahbaz Sharifd as interim president of the Muslim Leagatmittee at the PML-N meeting.

The General Council has scheduled the Party President election for May 28. Nawaz Sharif will be elected president unopposed.

In his statement, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif stated that Nawaz Sharif’s unjust removal from the presidency brings relief to PML-N as we have regained this position.

Shahbaz Sharif remarked that the Nawaz conspiracy has shaken the foundations of Pakistan while the countrycountry’sy is facing huge challenges like inflation and debts nowadays.

The central working committee meeting nominated Shahbaz Sharif as interim party president in PML-N.

Remembering a few days ago when Shahbaz Sharif resigned from the the Muslim League-N, sometime before this. The Punjab chapter also put forward the name Nawaz Shareef for the post of president party.

Shahbaz Sharif additionally mentioned that the conspiracy towards Nawaz Sharif had extensively destabilized Pakistan. exacerbating its modern-day monetary and political crises. He careworn that robust and unified leadership beneath Nawaz Sharif is essential to handle these demanding situations correctly.

The nomination of Shahbaz Sharif as interim president by the central working committee reflects strategic maneuvering within the PML-N. This move follows Shahbaz Sharif’s recent resignation from his previous role in the Muslim League-N . And the Punjab chapter’s endorsement of Nawaz Sharif for the presidency. These developments underscore the party’s efforts to consolidate its leadership and present a united front.

As May 28 approaches, the PML-N is focusing on solidifying Nawaz Sharif’s leadership. Shahbaz Sharif’s name for team spirit. And his endorsement of Nawaz Sharif spotlights the birthday party’s strategy to harness skilled leadership to confront. And solve Pakistan’s pressing issues.

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