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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Thread Columns Explore : 100 Tabs for Free


Meta has begun testing a feature similar to TweetDeck on its microblogging platform, Threads. This new feature will allow users to create up to 100 columns for various topics.

Functionality and User Experience Thread

According to the technology website The Verge, testing of this feature has commenced. It enables users to create 100 columns or tabs. Users can set up different columns or tabs on their profiles for various topics and accounts. By clicking on these columns or tabs, users can get updates specific to those categories.

Additionally, this feature allows users to see updates from all their favorite accounts or topics at the top of their feed, enhancing the customization and user experience on the platform.

Named Thread Columns

The company has named this feature “Threads Columns.” With Threads Columns, Users can create separate tabs or columns based on their interests. Although similar to the former TweetDeck feature on Twitter (now known as X), Meta has expanded the capabilities of the columns feature, offering more extensive customization options.

Comparison with X’s TweetDeck

Currently, the TweetDeck feature on X is available only to users who pay a monthly subscription fee. In contrast, Threads has not yet implemented a monthly fee for its users, making the feature accessible to all without additional costs.

Future Feature Rollouts

There has been speculation that Threads will gradually introduce all of Twitter’s key features. Following the introduction of Threads Columns, further feature tests and rollouts are anticipated on the platform. This progressive addition of features aims to enhance user experience and attract a broader user base to Threads.

Customization and Control

One of the standout features of Threads Columns is the level of control it offers users. Beyond simply creating columns, users can prioritize which updates appear at the top of each column. Users won’t miss critical updates for important topics or accounts. This characteristic’s peculiarities are important to users who follow a large number of accounts since it allows for filtering and prioritizing content in accordance with individual preferences.

No Subscription Fee

Unlike X (formerly Twitter), which requires a monthly fee for access to Tweet Deck, Meta’s Threads Columns does not currently impose subscription fees. This makes the feature accessible to all users, potentially attracting those looking for a comprehensive yet free tool to manage their microblogging activities. The absence of a fee could also position Threads as a more appealing alternative to X, particularly for budget-conscious users.

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