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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Innovative Gunfire Detection by UET Mardan Student


A Pakistani student has developed unprecedented software that can correctly guess where guns were fired. According to ProPakistani, Muhammad Ali, a University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Mardan student, is responsible for this achievement. His invention is anticipated to be very useful in averting crime and curbing aerial shooting.

Efficiency and Functionality Innovative

Muhammad Ali’s software takes only 5 seconds to identify the location of gunfire. Using Google Maps, law enforcement authorities can arrive at the exact place where it happened. The capability of responding swiftly is crucial for timely interventions to enhance public safety.

Another Innovation from UET Mardan

Besides his software, another UET Mardan student, Adil Bacha, created an electric wheelchair that responds only to brain impulses. Adil Bacha further explains how the wheelchair helps such patients; these are individuals who have paralysis and cannot speak due to severe physical disabilities. This development offers a breakthrough in improving mobility and independence among people with such complications.

Potential Impact on Crime Prevention

Muhammad Ali’s software is likely to revolutionize crime prevention techniques. It enables security personnel to respond quickly to gunshots, reducing criminal activities and heightening the safety of residents in general. Precise positioning reduces response times, which could save lives and mitigate the consequences of offences committed by criminals.

Advancing Assistive Technology Innovative

Adil Bacha’s brain-controlled electric wheelchair represents a major advancement in assistive technology. This can fundamentally change life for people with severe physical impairments, giving them a newfound ability to move around independently. Thanks to mind-control technology, the chair can be operated without lifting a finger, which makes it a valuable tool for those who are dealing with paralysis situations.

These amazing inventions came from students studying at UET Mardan, showing just how much potential Pakistan’s young people have for contributing to technological developments and societal improvements. Muhammad Ali’s gunfire detection software and Adil Bacha’s brain-controlled wheelchair exemplify the power of Innovative thinking and technical skills in addressing real-world concerns. Moreover, these innovations highlight the country’s creative talent and promise significant developments in their respective fields that will improve safety and quality of life for many.

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