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Shahid Afridi: ICC Ambassador for T20 World Cup | Exciting News


Shahid Afridi Joins Elite List of ICC Ambassadors

Next month, the International Cricket Council appointed Shahid Afridi, former captain of the US cricket commercial enterprise company, as an ambassador for the imminent T20 World Cup.

Afridi’s Legacy and Role as Ambassador

The ICC added Shahid Afridi’s inclusion to the list of tournament ambassadors. Afridi turned into a key member of the T20 World Cup-winning company and became a named participant in the shape. His pinnacle-notch professional achievements have earned him this prestigious function.

Other Notable Ambassadors

The ICC has also appointed West Indies’ Chris Gayle and the arena’s fastest athlete, Usain Bolt, as ambassadors for the occasion. This massive institution of ambassadors highlights the T20 World Cup’s global appeal.

Afridi’s Enthusiasm and Career Highlights

Shahid Afridi expressed his pride approximately the appointment. “The ICC T20 World Cup may be very near my coronary coronary heart,” he said. I participated in the occasion of the first World Cup and won the trophy in 2009. These are fantastic moments of my career.”

Excitement for the India-Pakistan Match

Afridi additionally shared his anticipation for the India-Pakistan fit on June 9. He described it as a matchup between high-quality fighters and one no longer to be missed. The sport will take vicinity in New York, including to the worldwide excitement.

Summary: Shahid Afridi ICC Ambassador

The ICC has appointed Shahid Afridi, former captain of the country-wide cricket crew, as an ambassador for the T20 World Cup starting the subsequent month. Afridi, diagnosed for his achievements like being named participant of the healthy and prevailing in the 2009 T20 World Cup, joins other amazing ambassadors like Chris Gayle and Usain Bolt. Afridi expressed his satisfaction, mainly for the anticipated India-Pakistan shape on June 9 in New York. His appointment underscores his huge contributions to cricket and his pursuits to promote the sport globally.

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