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Success Story: Separation of Filipino Conjoined Twins

At King Abdullah Medical City in Riyadh, Dr. Abdulaziz’s team of doctors achieved an amazing medical achievement by successfully. Separating conjoined twins Aisha and Akiza from the Philippines. Filipino Conjoined Twins. The operation was meticulous and took five hours to complete. Demonstrating progressions in medical science and healthcare professionals’ commitment in Saudi Arabia. This surgery is hope-giving not only for these children and their families but also for all complicated cases like this.

Aisha and Akiza, conjoined twins originating from the Philippines, were born with their lower bodies joined together as one entity. Conjoined twin births occur rarely, with a frequency rate of nearly 1 per every 200,000 live births worldwide. After various consultations with international experts following thorough medical assessments, the medical team decided to perform separation surgery.

For many years now, King Abdullah Medical City has been widely known because of its modern facilities alongside successful complex surgeries done there before today’s case. It has become a beacon of hope for families who may have lost all hope due to severe. Illnesses among their loved ones, especially when faced with such difficult situations as having conjoined twins.

The lead surgeon during this procedure, Dr. Abdulaziz, boasts vast experience in pediatric reconstructive surgeries, hence his appointment to be in charge here today. Other members included nurses, anesthesiologists, and other specialists under the leadership of various pediatric surgeons. They formed part of a multidisciplinary team that greatly contributed to achieving success during surgery by combining different areas of expertise. Needed to accomplish desired results within the shortest time possible without compromising safety measures set out beforehand by the WHO guidelines if need be.


Throughout the evaluation process, members involved in care conducted a number of tests and imaging studies to map the twins’ shared anatomy. They also evaluated the risks involved and developed strategies to mitigate them during the procedure, particularly when dealing with babies who share organs or tissues.

Periodic rehearsals ensured that all participants knew their roles during the actual operation.

During the five-hour intricate process, the delicate stage where various organs had fused required the use of complicated techniques.

. Accurate dissection between them was necessary to avoid causing harm. This led to the successful separation of both twins, ensuring adequate blood supply and maintaining vital signs throughout. The team’s competence and dedication were evident, reflecting their success in this regard.

Postoperative care given immediately after Aisha’s and Akiza’s separation played a significant role in contributing to her recovery.

Their mother couldn’t hold back tears of joy when Dr. Abdulaziz handed over separated twins to her. According to the video, the moment that was most touching among many others experienced during the whole period of treatment was when the medical staff gave . Both emotional and physical SUPP not only to the patients but also to their families while dealing with such cases.

Saudi Arabia has carried out numerous effective procedures to isolate conjoined twins. This is the 61st such operation in the nation. The high success rate of these surgeries shows how skilled and committed Saudi Arabian doctors are. These operations were only possible with certain notable previous cases, which paved the way for further development in this field.



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