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Punjab Police Promotes Stenographers


Under the leadership of IG Dr. Usman Anwar, they held a promotion meeting. During which nine senior stenographers of the Punjab Police were promoted to the position of Private Secretary. They have officially issued the notification of their promotion.

List of Promoted Stenographers

The stenographers who have been promoted to the role of Private Secretary are:

  1. Mirza Sikandar Abbas
  2. Ghulam Fareed
  3. Abdul Hameed Javed
  4. Fareed
  5. Mirza Javed Iqbal
  6. Mian Mahboob
  7. Imran
  8. Shabbir
    These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication and performance in their roles, warranting their advancement within the Punjab Police.

Promotion Meeting Details

Several high-ranking officials attended the significant promotion meeting.

Alongside IG Dr. Usman Anwar, the meeting included:

Additional IG Sultan Chaudhry
DIG Establishment 1 Malik Liaqat
DIG Establishment 2 Azhar Akram

Other senior officers

These officials reviewed the stenographers’ qualifications and performance and ultimately decided to elevate them to new positions to recognize their contributions and capabilities.

Responsibilities of the New Private Secretaries

The promoted stenographers will now assume the responsibilities of Private Secretaries, which involve:

  1. Managing confidential communications and documentation
  2. Coordinating schedules and meetings for senior police officers
  3. Ensuring efficient administrative support within the police department
  4. Handling sensitive information with discretion and integrity

Their role is crucial in maintaining the smooth operation of the Punjab Police’s administrative functions, providing critical support to the leadership.

Upcoming Postings

In the coming days, Additional IG Sultan Chaudhry will assign new postings to the promoted officers. These postings will align with the Punjab Police’s needs and the skills of the newly appointed Private Secretaries. The objective is to optimize their contribution to the force and enhance overall efficiency.

Significance of the Promotions

The Punjab Police is determined to recognize the promotion of these nine secretaries. And repay its workforce for being diligent. This move also intends to push every employee of this institution towards performing their duties with greater dedication and diligence as well.

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