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Sony Reon Pocket 5: Stay Cool or Warm


Sony Reon has just come up with yet another fantastic solution to the scorching sun. A wearable air conditioner that you can wear on the back of your shirt. This revolutionary device, called Reon Pocket 5, will replace traditional hand fans and provide personalized comfort wherever you go.

The Technology Behind Sony Reon Pocket 5

On April 23, SoApril 23sed a “smart wearable thermo device kit” that uses advanced technology to ensure personal comfort. When worn quietly on the back of your neck. It contains a thermos module integrated with various kinds of sensors that detect temperature, humidity. And movement, determining your desired climate settings.

Comfort That Can Be Tailored Anywhere, Anytime

Reon Pocket 5 has five cooling levels for hot days and four warming levels for cold environments, making it highly adaptable. It provides maximum comfort while navigating crowded trains or enduring chilly airplane cabins, among other situations. Alternatively, users can pair it with the Reon Pocket Tag, a miniature wearable sensor that monitors environmental factors and communicates with the neck unit. Thus adjusting the temperature accordingly.

Options For Convenient Control

In addition, those who like to feel more in control can use the intuitive Reon Pocket App available on iOS or Android devices. Personalized cooling and warming level adjustments can be made via Bluetooth connectivity between both platforms. An incredible battery life of up to seventeen hours upon complete charging of its battery makes this gadget desirable for outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers.

Global Expansion and Availability

It is worth mentioning that despite Sony’s entry into this field not being new, As they launched their first line of pocket series named Reon in Japan last year, we now have Reon Pocket 5, which marks global expansion. The UK market becomes the first one outside Asia where this latest model is introduced following successful launches in Asian markets such as Hong Kong. Pre-orders are available through Sony’s website, and the deliveries will start on May 15.

Pricing and Options Sony Reon

The base package, “Reon 5T,” includes the Reon Pocket Tag. A white neckband costs £139 (about $170 or AU$260), and a beige neckband option costs £25.

Sony’s Reon Pocket 5: A Revolutionary Solution in Personal Weather Control

Sony’s Reon Pocket 5 changes everything when it comes to managing personal climate control, with its innovative features designed to fight heat in style.

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