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Discover YouTube Game-Changing Feature for 2024

Now, it is possible to play games on YouTube instead of watching videos. That’s right, mobile and desktop users of all ages can now play games on the platform whenever they want, wherever they want. In order to play these games, you must open the Feature website or Android and iOS app, then click on “Playables” in the sidebar. The program offers more than 75 games, including popular mobile game titles like Angry Birds Showdown, as well as chess and crosswords.

Playable Games Feature: A Gradual Rollout

Available to All YouTube Users but with a Gradual Rollout

Originally introduced in September 2023 for limited users only, Playables were made available to all Premium members by March 2024 before being released to everyone else soon after; however, this will be done gradually so that everyone has a good experience. Other technology companies are also using them, such as LinkedIn, which recently introduced trivia and strategy games, while Netflix has added card puzzles, among other things.

Gaming Seems To Be The Focus Of Other Tech Feature Giants As Well

LinkedIn Has Also Introduced Games To Attract More Users, While Netflix Is Focusing On Gaming

In addition to YouTube’s new gaming feature, other social media platforms are exploring gaming. For example, LinkedIn recently introduced trivia and strategy-based games for its users, and Netflix is trying its hand at card puzzles, among other things.

Discover YouTube Music’s New Humming Search Feature

Gaming’s Future On YouTube

Endless Possibilities For A New Era Of Gaming On YT

This marks an entirely new chapter for the internet’s #1 video source. With this feature alone, they could overtake Twitch. Which is currently riddled with ads. Which would go perfectly with their already growing e-commerce sector consisting primarily of merchandise sales. It will be interesting to see what happens next because since most people don’t pay attention anymore after releasing something, it becomes hard to get back into that mindset again. We’ll see how long it takes until another update comes out. Still, until then, this will have to do.

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