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Slovenia Recognizes Palestine as Independent State


Following Spain, Ireland, and Norway, Slovenia, a European country, has officially recognized Palestine as an independent state.

Parliamentary Approval Slovenia

Palestine has been recognized by the Slovenian parliament. Of the 90 members of parliament, 52 supported the bill, while the others were not present.Only a two-state solution can bring peace to the Middle East, according to Slovenia.On May 3030 this year, Slovenia approved a decision to recognize Palestine’s independence.

Statements made by Slovenia leaders

On Monday, the Slovenian Head of State, Robert Golob, held a question-and-answer session in Ljubljana to report that the public authority chose to perceive Palestine as a free and sovereign state.

Speaker of Parliament Urška Klakočar Zupančič also announced that Slovenian parliamentarians will vote on recognition of Palestinian statehood next Tuesday during a press conference in Ljubljana on Monday.

European nations are declaring Palestine’s statehood status to add stress to Israel for bombarding the Gaza Strip continuously.

Israel began bombing the Gaza Strip after an unprovoked attack from Hamas across the border killed 1,160 Israelis and took over 250 Israelis hostage on October 7th. This brutal bombing has continued for over seven months now, with more than 36 thousand Palestinians killed so far.

Calls for peace

Prime Minister Robert Golob called for an immediate cessation of hostilities between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters within the Gaza enclave while demanding the release of all hostages held captive there, too, as a message towards achieving a peace process between both sides.

The Slovenian government hoisted the Palestinian flag alongside the EU flag at its building in the center of Ljubljana.

International reaction

Spain, Ireland, and Norway officially recognized Palestinian statehood status on May 28th, which led Israel to recall its ambassadors from these three countries, angrily protesting against their decision.

Out of the EU’s 27 member states, Sweden, Cyprus, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria have already recognized Palestinian Statehood. At the same time, Malta indicated that it will soon join them too.

The UK and Australia are considering following suit, but France says now is a better time to do so.

Germany echoes the US stance, supporting a two-state solution through dialogue only as a way forward for peace in the Middle East. Also, Denmark rejected a bill seeking recognition of Palestinian statehood status on Tuesday.

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