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Six-Party Alliance for Balochistan Revival


The Awami National Party in Balochistan has formed another coalition of Six-Party to revive the constitution. Strengthen parliament, and ensure that voters are registered correctly.

Formation and Goals of Six-Party the Alliance

At a joint meeting in Quetta, ANP Central President Aimal Wali Khan briefed the media on the decisions taken. He underlined that the partnership would initially be enacted in Balochistan and afterward extended across Pakistan. This conspiracy is devoted to the incomparability of the Constitution and expects to restore the option to cast a ballot to individuals, a right that has been removed. He promised that the alliance would work towards genuine freedom for the people.

Prominent Figures and Their Statements

The meeting saw the participation of several key leaders, including:

  1. Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch: Central President of the National Party, Provincial Assembly member, and former Chief Minister of Balochistan.
  2. Maulana Abdul Waseh: Provincial Amir of JUI and Senator.
  3. Abdul Khaliq Hazara: Chairman of the Hazara Democratic Party.
  4. Khushal Khan Kakar: President of Pakhtunkhwa National Awami Party.
  5. Ahmed Jan Khan: National Democratic Movement leader.
  6. Asghar Khan Achakzai: Provincial President of ANP.
  7. Daud Khan Achakzai: Central Senior Vice President of ANP.
  8. Zamrak Khan Achakzai: Provincial Assembly member.

Commitment to Addressing Issues

Aimal Wali Khan criticized the current parliamentary representatives, stating they do not represent the people. He pointed out that areas with resources face security issues, with missing persons being a fundamental problem. The alliance has formed a committee, with members from each party, to identify and create consensus on the issues facing Balochistan. The purpose of the partnership is not to topple the government or gain power but to lead a protest movement to resolve the people’s issues. By uniting against all problems, the alliance aims to enforce their demands.

Support for Free Press and Journalistic Freedom

Aimal Wali Khan reaffirmed the alliance’s commitment to free journalism, expressing solidarity with journalists in their struggle for press freedom. He highlighted that the alliance’s struggle focuses on constitutional supremacy and empowering the parliament. He rejected accusations of siding with the establishment for the past 25 years, stating that they are instead targeting the establishment with their efforts.

Future Steps and Collaborative Efforts Six-Party 

Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch mentioned that the alliance’s committee will meet to draft recommendations for resolving issues, after which the six-party alliance will become officially active. The collective goal is to work through peaceful protests and collaborative efforts to bring about the desired changes and address the challenges faced by the people of Balochistan.

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