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Saleem Haider Defamation Bill Visa Issues for Overseas Pakistanis


Saleem Haider recently engaged with the media to discuss several crucial issues impacting Pakistanis domestically and abroad. During his conversation, Haider touched on the defamation bill, visa issues faced by Overseas Pakistanis in the UAE, and the challenges these Pakistanis encounter at airports. He also highlighted the role of Governor House Punjab in supporting Overseas Pakistanis.

Saleem Haider’s Stance on Defamation Bill

The defamation bill in Pakistan has been a topic of heated debate. This bill aims to address and penalize defamation but has faced significant opposition from various quarters. Saleem Haider, a prominent political figure, has openly opposed this bill. He emphasized his efforts as a Governor to halt its progress, arguing that it infringes on freedom of speech and can be misused to suppress dissent.

Media Interaction: Saleem Haider’s Key Statements

Haider articulated his firm opposition to the defamation bill during his media interaction. In Pakistan, she emphasized its potential threat to democratic ideals and freedom of speech. Haider’s message was straightforward: The proposed law could suppress journalists or critics by making them afraid to speak out against anything he has been fighting against.

Visa Problems for Overseas Pakistanis

Also, Haider pointed out some important visa concerns overseas Pakistanis face, especially in the UAE. These have been a challenge for many years with large numbers of people from our country living abroad, causing much suffering among them due to being unable to visit home frequently or bring their families over, etcetera. In his discussions with UAE authorities, Haider reported positive dialogues aimed at alleviating these visa challenges. These conversations are a promising step towards better treatment and support for Pakistanis abroad.

Increasing Challenges for Overseas Pakistanis

The challenges for Overseas Pakistanis are wider than visa issues. Haider highlighted that these individuals face numerous hurdles, especially at Pakistani airports. One major problem is the empty overseas desks, which are supposed to assist them but often need more supervision. This lack of support exacerbates their difficulties upon arrival and departure, making their travel experience frustrating and cumbersome.

Governor House Punjab: A Home for Overseas Pakistanis

Governor House Punjab has been portrayed as a second home for Overseas Pakistanis. Haider emphasized the efforts made by his office to provide a supportive environment for these individuals. The Governor House offers various services and assistance to address the needs and concerns of Overseas Pakistanis, reinforcing their connection to their homeland.


Saleem Haider’s proactive approach to various matters indicates his commitment to bettering the lives of Pakistanis both within the country and overseas. His resistance against the bill concerning defamation proves his dedication to safeguarding freedom of speech. Simultaneously, his struggles solving visa-related problems and helping with Overseas Pakistani affairs show how much he cares for their well-being. Governor House Punjab acts as a bridge between the Overseas Pakistanis and their homeland by ensuring they are provided with necessary aid.

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