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Saudi Arabia Introduces Big Ease for Hajj Pilgrims


Tens of hundreds of thousands of Hajj pilgrims from around the arena are now arriving in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi leaders have taken precise steps to guarantee that the pilgrims get hold of the first-class offerings.

Enhancing Communication for Pilgrims: Translation Devices in Saudi Arabia

As reported by the Saudi information organization Sabq News, Major Nasser Al-Otaibi, the spokesperson for the Saudi Passport and Immigration Department ‘Jawazat,’ revealed that officials have been equipped with state-of-the-art translation devices capable of translating into 138 languages. This innovative step is designed to facilitate better communication with pilgrims from diverse international locations. Thereby enhancing their overall experience.

Major Nasser Al-Otaibi underscored Jawazat’s commitment to continuous improvement. Preparations for the next Hajj season commence immediately after the current one concludes. This proactive approach enables Jawazat to elevate the standard of services based on past experiences and feedback, ensuring that the pilgrims’ needs are always met.

In addition, he suggested that more than 267,000 pilgrims from unique international locations have already arrived in Saudi Arabia. These pilgrims have traveled by air, land, and sea. Showcasing the giant efforts made to accommodate their arrival easily.

In addition to these measures, the administration of the Two Holy Mosques has taken steps to protect the Kiswa. The covering of the Kaaba, by raising it at the beginning of the Hajj season. This action aims to prevent damage to the Kiswa during the rush of pilgrims.

Preparations for Hajj: Raising the Kiswa

Following a long-standing tradition, the Kiswa has been raised approximately 3 meters. The lower part has been covered with a white cloth known as ‘Ihram.’ Similar to last year. This precautionary measure has been completed under the supervision of Sheikh Dr Abdulrahman Al-Sudais. The General President for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, ensuring that all preparations are in place before the Hajj begins.

Saudi Arabia dedication to supplying outstanding offerings to pilgrims is obvious via these projects. The Saudi authorities are devoted to improving the Hajj revel for millions of Muslims by addressing language barriers and ensuring the protection and preservation of holy sites. The cautious making plans and execution of these measures spotlight the significance of Hajj and the respect and care given to pilgrims at some stage in this massive spiritual occasion.

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