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PTCL cable theft case 10 accused granted bail


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) had its cables stolen, and the court has given bail to ten suspects linked to it. A judicial magistrate reviewed the PTCL cable theft case details and approved the applications of all accused persons, allowing bail for all accused persons.

The matter is based on the alleged theft of PTCL cables, followed by arrests made against those believed to have committed this crime. Subsequently, a release order was passed by the Judicial Magistrate. Who, after considering the facts. Required them to furnish surety bonds worth Rs 30,000 each. Also the police request for an extension in physical remand of arrested people due to weak grounds shown by the prosecution for further detention.

According to the record, these wires were sold through auction. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has not lodged a formal complaint about their theft, as noted in court observations. Played a vital role in granting bails. It further directed IO to conduct the investigation honestly and without bias, and to submit the complete challan within a reasonable time frame.

Ten Arrested for Stealing PTCL Cables

During a Sunday raid near St Anthony Church, Free Police arrested ten persons when they discovered their involvement in stealing expensive underground cables owned by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). Sindh South SSP Sajid Sadozai told media men here today that three serving employees of PTCL were also among the detained suspects. He said that police recovered stolen cables worth Rs25 lakhs from the possession of the arrested accused.

It shows how serious this problem can become when even some staff members involve themselves with criminals. Thus indicating a lack of proper security measures adopted internally at different levels within the PTCL management system itself. In addition to recovering such a huge quantity. This demonstrates its economic impact as well as its effect on overall communications infrastructure.

Although the charges are severe. The decision made by the court reflects the necessity for a fair inquiry. hile protecting the rights of the alleged individuals involved. So, an unbiased probe direction is necessary. Justice shall prevail. Too, because organizations like PTCL need to improve upon internal safety nets and monitoring mechanisms for prevention purposes.

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