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Prime Minister Shehbaz Urges Special Repatriation


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif telephoned the Pakistani Ambassador in Kyrgyzstan, Hassan Ali Zegham, and urged him to make special repatriation arrangements for the students.

Immediate steps PM 

The premier directed Ambassador Zegham to remain in touch with all Pakistani students and their families living in Kyrgyzstan and give priority to bringing back injured students.

He emphasized that authorities should take adequate measures to ensure the safe and timely repatriation of families residing with pupils, enabling them to easily reach their homeland.

The PM said that even though things have returned to normalcy in Kyrgyzstan, all necessary facilities should be provided if any student wants to return.

Updates and Developments

On this occasion, Ambassador Zegham informed the Prime Minister about his meeting with the Kyrgyz Deputy Foreign Minister. He relayed assurances from the Kyrgyz government that they had regained complete control over the situation and had increased regional security measures. He confirmed that there had been no violent incidents the previous night or on the day of reporting.

Ambassador Zegham also stated that Pakistani and other international students are safe, and some Pakistani students have scheduled their return home on two commercial flights later today.

Cancellation of Deputy PM  Repatriation Visit

This evening, according to the command of the Prime Minister, a particular airplane will fly to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Tonight, it will come back with 130 Pakistani students on board who are in an impoverished state during their visit; the Government of Pakistan will pay all charges. Given this, Ishaq Dar’s trip to Kyrgyzstan as Deputy Prime Minister has been postponed.

These actions indicate how deeply concerned our authorities are about safeguarding their fellow citizens overseas whenever they are in trouble.

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