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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Nawaz Sharif on Politics, Poverty, and Pakistan’s Futureon Politics, Poverty, and Pakistan’s Future


I am no longer the person to interact with politics of revenge or harbor grudges and hatred in my coronary heart. If I had no longer been removed, there is probably no poverty within the country. Addressing a meeting, the President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) stated:

In Murree, President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Nawaz Sharif said that each undertaking in Pakistan bears the call of PML-N. Any significant work done in Pakistan’s history is credited to our party. No other party can name a notable project they have accomplished. Those who criticized the Metro Bus project by calling it “Jangla Bus” disappeared after embezzling billions. We must compare the stories about the massive corruption in the Peshawar Metro Bus project to see who has served and who has destroyed the country.

Speaking to members of the parliamentary party in the Senate in Murree, he said, “I am not a person who engages in politics of revenge. I do not harbor grudges and hate in my heart. I have no grievances against Musharraf, but I only ask him why he was overthrowing a well-functioning Prime Minister and dissolving the assemblies. The judiciary welcomed him with open arms and said they were waiting for him. Then they arrested the Prime Minister who pressed the button and conducted nuclear tests, and this is the reward he received.

The PML-N Nawaz Sharif on Politics, Poverty, and Pakistan’s Future said.”To this day, neither have we protested significantly, nor has our nation taken note of it. We have a deep connection with history and should not forget it. After that, they imprisoned us, forcing us to live outside the country. They locked us up in Attock Fort, where we would wake up at night to the sounds of wild animals. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is a very good person. He courageously spent time in jail with me and never complained. He bravely supported me and endured the hardships. One should speak the truth. I remember when we were unwavering, but Allah brought us out of it.”

The former Prime Minister said.”You accuse us, but it is you who have destroyed democracy. In our time, we went to your homes. Benazir Bhutto signed the Charter of Democracy, which is the beauty of democracy. I came to you for this reason, but your attitude for the past 25 years has been like someone holding a grudge, saying, ‘I will do this and that.’ You even threatened to remove the air conditioners. I should have paid more attention to their air conditioners. We are not the person who engages in politics of revenge or harbors grudges and hatred in my heart, but they even spoke about it in America.”

The former Nawaz Sharif on Politics, Poverty, and Pakistan’s Future said, “We must call a spade a spade. Those who unthinkingly follow falsehood do not see how it has treated the country, making life difficult for poor people, raising inflation to the sky, and leaving neither food nor sustenance. Is this the situation I left behind? I provided electricity to every household in the country, but they ousted me. If they hadn’t removed me, the country would have no poverty.

He said, “If they hadn’t removed me, we would have surpassed the G20 by now.” We wouldn’t need the IMF. These people wrote letters to the IMF to not come, causing the country to collapse. We had bid farewell to the IMF, but they brought it back. The IMF said Pakistan wouldn’t need them, but why did it return? The harsh conditions imposed by the IMF make life difficult for low-income people. How can they not cause hardships?”

The PML-N president said, “Our economy is improving, the stock market is improving. I commend Shehbaz Sharif for working tirelessly day and night. I congratulate Maryam for also working tirelessly and connecting with people. Some things we did, and some rates started falling on their own. This is proof that Allah is supporting you. It is Allah’s principle, so keep doing your work. The country will soon emerge from crises.

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