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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s | Viral Song Deleted from YouTube

YouTube has surprisingly removed Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s self-proclaimed viral song “Akh Lari Badobadi.” Khan, known for his out-of-tune singing, has gained unique popularity on social media as an object of conversation and entertainment. The song in question, which was widely popular, got taken down due to copyright claims.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan uploaded “Akh Lari Badobadi” onto his official YouTube channel a month ago. Despite not having conventional musical talent, Khan caught the audience’s eyes in Pakistan and India with his distinct style and daring self-promotion. His version of the song went viral within hours of release, amassing millions of views and generating discussions across different online platforms.

Until its deletion, “Akh Lari Badobadi” collected over 27 million views. It became trending on apps such as TikTok and Instagram, where users made countless videos. The catchy, off-key tune resonated with many listeners, thus widening Khan’s non-traditional fame.

As shared by various social media rumor outlets like TikTok or Twitter threads, YouTube removed Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s track because it infringed copyrights. Reports indicate that YouTube removed the unauthorized cover of this composition, originally performed by the legendary Noor Jehan for the 1973 movie “Banarasi Thug,” sparking debates among fans and critics alike.

Copyright infringement has always been a major problem in the music industry today. In this instance involving Chahat Fateh Ali Khans case, using someone else’s work (in this case, Noor Jehan) without obtaining legal rights resulted in its deletion from all platforms, including but not limited to digital ones like YouTube or Spotify, etc.

This incident demonstrates the importance of intellectual property rights, even in an era where everyone can easily share everything across multiple platforms while keeping it identical. The removal of “Akh Lari Badobadi” did not sit well with fans. People used social media to voice their discontent and criticize YouTube for taking down the song. Many users expressed frustration. Several Indian film songs were allegedly stolen without permission but are still available on the platform. This apparent double standard has generated massive support for Khan and calls for equality from his supporters.

However, despite this controversy, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan still enjoys a large following. His unconventional approach to music has won him many admirers who appreciate his boldness and unique style.

The deletion of one of his tracks has only strengthened their loyalty. They now believe big players like YouTube treat him unfairly. Before going viral, thanks to Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s rendition, Noor Jehan, also known as Queen Melody, originally performed “Akh Lari Badobadi” in the 1973 film “Banarasi Thug.”

People still love Noor Jehan’s version, which remains one of those classics from the history of South Asian music. This adds more twists to the story, considering how different both artists’ interpretations sound like

Not only has Noor Jehan made a great contribution to the music industry. But she has also proved her talent and timelessness in “Akh Lari Badobadi”. Even though she does not know it, her songs motivate and impact contemporary creators in various ways.

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