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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Nationwide Heatwave: Temperatures Soar to 51 Degrees


Nationwide heatwave in Sindh, Moen Jo Daro, and Nawab Shah recorded temperatures of the same level – 49 degrees Celsius. Khairpur and Larkana had 48 degrees each. Jacobabad was the most blazing spot with a record 51°C, while Hyderabad encountered a greatest temperature of 47°C, which is likewise another untouched high.

The highest temperature in Karachi today was 39 degrees Celsius, but according to forecasters, it will rise to between 40 and 42 degrees. Authorities have predicted increased heat for the city.

Baluchistan Also Sweating: Lashkargah at 50 Degrees

Laskargah saw extreme heat, with a maximum temperature of up to 50 degrees. Other cities that recorded severe temperatures include Turbat (49), Sibi (49), Quetta (34), Barkhan (39), Gawadar (36), Zhob (30), and Khuzdar (39).

Punjab Cities Roasting: Rahim Yar Khan, Kasur & Bhakkar at 47 Degrees

Punjab’s Rahim Yar Khan, Kasur, and Bhakkar recorded personal-best temperatures of around forty-seven degrees Celsius each. In contrast, Lahore touched seventeen point five eight degrees Celsius, which could rise to forty-six degrees Celsius later today, etcetera, etcetera.

Weather Warning And Precautions

From today till June 5, upper parts might experience dusty winds/gusts as well as light rain during this period, while KP expects showers mostly mild accompanied by gusty winds; GB-AJK can also have similar activity, but alongside light showers, only not more than a few millimeters are expected though afternoon times will see gusty winds without any precipitation at all so do take care of yourself by keeping away from areas where these things might happen while carrying an umbrella may be too much but still keep one with you just in case!

Heatwave Survival Tips

To beat the heat:

  • 1. Dress Light

1. Dress comfortably

Wear light-colored, loose cotton clothes, as they help to evaporate sweat from the body and cool down naturally quicker than any other type of clothing material when it is hot outside. If you have to go out at night when mosquitoes are active, make sure all parts of your body are covered with long-sleeved shirts or tops and closed-toe shoes.

2. Drink plenty of fluids

During hot weather, drink lots of liquids such as water or fresh fruit juice, etcetera, because dehydration can happen very fast. Also, don’t forget to replace lost salts through sweat, especially now. One should not take beverages containing caffeine like tea or coffee, which tend to dehydrate the body’s systems, but rather go for those based on water, e.g., coconut water, etcetera.

3. Exercise Indoors

Choose cooler parts of the day for physical activities, e.g., in early mornings when it’s still relatively cool outside or late evenings after sunset when temperatures have dropped significantly but not necessarily very cold yet. Avoid doing strenuous exercises continuously over prolonged periods under direct sun rays exposure in hot, humid conditions. This can lead to heat stroke, which might be fatal if not attended soonest possible time, etcetera, etcetera.

4. Food Storage

Keep perishable foods under proper storage conditions, i.e., refrigerate them promptly at ideal below five degrees Celsius within two hours after cooking and serving them. Respectively also, never leave any cooked meal outside for more than one hour, especially when the ambient air temperature is high. This can cause food poisoning due to the rapid multiplication of bacteria, etcetera.

5. Use Sunscreen

To shield yourself from the sun, put on sunscreen with at least SPF 30 on any piece of your body that will be uncovered. Make sure to appropriately do this thirty minutes prior to venturing out from home for it to assimilate into your skin. Doing so ensures maximum defense from UV rays, which are responsible for causing cancer, among other illnesses, etcetera.

With these guidelines in mind, anyone can easily go through a heatwave unscathed and protect themselves from harm.

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