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Momina Iqbal | Social Media Impact in Pakistani Showbiz


Through her witty comments, Momina Iqbal points out how ridiculous it is that now someone’s acting abilities are measured against their fan base on Instagram, Twitter, or any other such site. She mocks this paradoxical situation in which professionals in this field seem obsessed with numbers without considering the actual talent displayed by different individuals.

Rethinking Success Criteria In Showbiz of Momina Iqbal

Momina Iqbal challenges conventional ideas about success within show business by urging all stakeholders involved, including themselves as artists, to change their mindset toward measuring an individual’s worthiness vis-à-vis career goals. By doubting whether having lots of followers necessarily means being good at what you do professionally, Momina Iqbal proposes a more intricate understanding of skills recognition that emphasizes competence rather than popularity as perceived through likes and retweets, etcetera.

The Hazards Of Tunnel Vision

Momina Iqbal, However useful it might be for personal branding purposes or reaching out to wider audiences, relying too heavily on social media as a sole determinant of success in the creative industries can be dangerous because it excludes certain people who do not fit into mainstream narratives. Suppose one deems a person to have no marketable value simply because they lack a significant number of followers. In that case, they will only give opportunities to many talented individuals if they appreciate their abilities beyond the superficial levels based solely on Instagram likes.

Shifting Approaches

Momina Iqbal’s criticism should serve as an eye-opener for those involved in scouting talents and making casting decisions within this sector. Momina Iqbal calls on them to open up their minds so that they can identify deserving actors through more inclusive methods rather than just looking at how famous someone is on social media platforms alone.

Furthering Equality

Momina Iqbal, Enabling different voices from various backgrounds to participate equally will shape the future direction of culture production, fostering diversity while ensuring that all artists receive fair chances based purely on meritocracy. This approach will consider individual artistic achievements without necessarily focusing on the numbers received as likes or shares,  etcetera.

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