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Iranian President Raisi Dies in Helicopter Crash


On the 19th of May a helicopter crashed near the iranian border with Azerbaijan, killing President Ibrahim Raisi and a number of high-ranking officials among others. The group had just been to the opening ceremony for a new dam and were heading back when their plane crashed because it was flying through bad weather.

Maker Iranian

The ‘Bell 212’ was the U.S.-manufactured helicopter that was carrying President Raisi.

Facts about Bell 212

Also referred to as the Bell Textron, this helicopter originated at the end of the 1960s as an upgraded version of the UH-1 Iroquois, which had been primarily designed for service in Canada’s military forces.

The Bell 212 used two turboshaft engines instead of one like its predecessor did so it could carry more people.

US military training documents state that the American company Bell Helicopter produces this machine, which has been extensively utilized by Thai law enforcement agencies and various US law enforcement bodies operating under American law within the United States itself.


This particular model has the capacity to transport up to 15 individuals. Inclusive of crew members such as pilots or flight attendants.These personnel might play a crucial role during longer journeys. Where in-flight refreshments are necessary during transitions between destinations served by varying airport types or sizes.These transitions may necessitate changes in aircraft type along route segments connecting these locations via air transport services awarded through public procurement processes. These processes adhere to applicable laws . And regulations within jurisdictional boundaries, with considerations primarily centered on economic factors while also addressing national security concerns.

Challenges Iranian

Iran has faced difficulties obtaining parts or new aircraft due to restrictions imposed by some European countries.

In addition to passenger transport, the Bell 212 was used for different types of cargo transportation and military/security purposes.

Previous Bell 212 accidents

The last fatal accident involving a Bell 212 helicopter took place off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in September 2023, according to Flight Safety Foundation records.

According to Flight Global’s World Air Forces Directory of 2024. Iran’s navy and air force operated a combined fleet of ten helicopters of this type. However, it is unknown how many were being used by the government at the time.

Iran has not provided clear numbers on the exact amounts owed. Still, it is known that they have a total of ten (10) units labeled as ‘Bell 212’ helicopters. Divided between both branches – Naval and Air Forces – with each entity possessing five (5) machines.

This tragic event highlights the dangers in aviation. And calls for closer inspection of the safety precautions taken by Iran with regard to its air infrastructure.

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