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Mohsin Naqvi meeting with Pope Francis


In one of the main diplomatic meetings, Pope Francis met with Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Mohsin Naqvi meeting at the Vatican. This encounter brought to light critical issues such as interfaith harmony, dialogue, and peace promotion. While talking, the Pontiff commended Pakistan’s efforts in quickly rebuilding churches that were destroyed by the Jaranwala incidents.

Background of the Meeting

The meeting, held in Vatican City State, has been described as historic for both Pakistan and Vatican City State. The Pakistani minister emphasized that religious dialogue is key to world peace and tranquility.

Points raised during the discussion

Interfaith Harmony and Peace Promotion

One major area discussed was how best to foster interfaith harmony and promote peace among different communities worldwide. Both leaders agreed that religious talks can help resolve conflicts and lead to a peaceful universe.

Commendation of Church Reconstruction

Pope Francis highly appreciated the fast construction of burnt-down Catholic churches at Jaranwala, thus showing commitment to safeguarding the rights of minority religions in Pakistan.

Message of Peace

While speaking to people from Pakistan, Pope Francis delivered a message calling upon all humanity to live together peacefully. He said it was our joint responsibility to create an environment full of peace.

Invitation to Visit Pakistan

The Prime Minister invited Pope Francis to visit his country, entry and the Holy Father considered this offer seriously because he knew that it would enhance relations between various faiths between these two nations.

Concern for the Situation in Palestine

Pope expressed his concerns about what is happening currently in Palestine, whereby many innocent lives have been lost due to a lack of food, water, medicines, etc. Therefore, humanitarian aid must be given priority alongside interreligious dialogue aimed at resolving these conflicts peacefully through a negotiation table, not war field only but also in other areas if need be, like schools, hospitals, etc., where people live together irrespective of their backgrounds or beliefs.

Recognition of Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Efforts

Minister Naqvi briefed the Pope on significant steps taken by Pakistan in fighting terrorism. He also acknowledged sacrifices made by Pakistani armed forces and the people as a whole towards global peace.

Commitment to Minority Rights

. Still, he was quick to emphasize that protection for those belonging to minority groups remains the topmost priority for the government of Pakistan.

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