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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Ministry Planning | Streamlining Provincial Projects


The Planning Commission, Developmental and Special Initiatives Ministry has proposed shifting control over federal development projects to the provinces’ budget. This suggestion excludes new schemes in the Federal Development Budget 2024-25. According to this proposal, the Federal Government will discontinue or transfer all ongoing province-level projects to other development initiatives.

This transformative shift in control aims to decentralize the development process, granting provinces more autonomy in shaping projects based on their unique needs and priorities. By empowering regions to determine their growth objectives, we anticipate that decision-making will be streamlined and implementation will be expedited. And alignment with local needs will be enhanced, thereby ensuring the success of these endeavors.

The presented change reflects wider-ranging devolution trends within governance systems, which allow states to take charge of their paths towards progress. It represents greater financial self-sufficiency and decision-making capacity at lower levels necessary for good governance and sustainable development.

Provincial Control Considerations

While the proposed shift in control offers significant benefits, it also raises some important considerations. It underscores the need to build the necessary skills within provinces to plan and manage these ventures effectively. Moreover, it highlights the importance of transparency and fairness in resource allocation to avoid regional disparities. These factors are crucial to ensure balanced national outcomes for all areas.

Additionally, if funds from provincial schemes were moved into national programs. It would call for careful prioritization coupled with strategic thinking aimed at addressing key priority areas. Where reallocation is most urgently required to achieve Pakistan’s overall developmental objectives. Therefore, this process must involve every stakeholder who needs consideration through inclusivity and transparency.

The authority’s proposed transfer of power relating to regional schemes shows a drastic change in how governance functions together with its strategy toward economic prosperity. If properly executed, it could strengthen the hands of provinces, leading to better growth results across Pakistan and more inclusive sustainable development.

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