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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Mahira Khan’s Dream | Directing a Web Series or Film

Actress Mahira Khan has just opened up about the dreams she never achieved in her life and this has led us to see that she wanted more than being on the big screen. Her responses were frank and they showed us how deep her ambitions run and also that there are other areas within showbiz where she wants to explore. Here’s an insight into Mahira Khan’s thoughts on what could have been and where she sees herself going.

Looking Back at Lost Dreams

The Question Asked by the Host

During a show, the host asked Mahira Khan a very interesting question; he asked her if there was any dream of hers that hadn’t come true yet. The question made her think about those dreams which still lie close to her heart but have not seen daylight so far.

Recognizing Unfulfilled Ambitions

She said yes, many dreams are still left unachieved, adding that one can’t predict how much would turn into reality. Stating this, she was optimistic enough to know the importance of hoping high. She is determined enough not to let go till each goal is accomplished, even though challenges may come across.

The Power of Telling Dreams

Making Dreams Come True

Mahira Khan recalled her childhood when she used to shout out what she wanted to be in life for everyone around her. Speaking them makes it real or else you might forget about them with time. In other words, telling a wish out loud transforms it from being just a thought/idea into something more concrete and therefore possible – this is why we need self-expression along our way towards fulfillment, according to what we’ve learned through life experience.

Facing Challenges

Telling people how badly I want things has always been tough because people tend either to criticize or discourage me. But now I am aware that nothing great comes easy, so I am ready for whatever comes my way.” Mahirah Khan spoke these words, sharing her own experiences of facing difficulties when expressing what she wanted most in life.

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