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Kartik Aaryan | calls dancing with Madhuri a dream

Bollywood entertainer Kartik Aaryan took part in the new Dance Deewane episode, which was loaded with superstars. One of the appointed authorities was Madhuri Dixit, his deity whom he had long needed to move close by. He said that when he heard that they would have been accomplices on this specific show, it seemed like a little glimpse of heaven for him.

Celebrity-packed episode

Kartik Aaryan’s appearance in a new episode of Dance Deewane made it elegant. Madhuri Dixit was one of the adjudicators, and numerous other Bollywood fat cats were present at the occasion, so firecrackers were normal. Kartik brought his typical zest for dancing which he is famous for in various movies throughout his career.

A night to remember

Kartik told us that while shooting this episode, he knew this was going to be a night to remember forever—not only because it’s Dance Deewane but also because he got an opportunity to dance with none other than Madhuri Ji herself! He says, “When I saw her coming towards me, I got goosebumps.” And what happened next? We have all seen it.

Sharing the joy

After their performance together on national television—which is yet another thing people can’t stop talking about since it’s so good—Kartik took Instagram by storm when posting this video clip showing off their chemistry during rehearsals, captioning it “Dreams do come true #DanceDeewane.”

Following your dreams

This experience of Kartik’s should inspire everyone who thinks they won’t ever be able to achieve their dreams. This is proof right here! Never give up because you never know what might happen. Keep pushing through the hard times, too, for one day, all of it will be worth it.

Dreams really do come true. Kartik has not only gotten to dance with Madhuri, but that has also motivated many across the country. He has shown us that everything is possible if we follow our dreams and work hard enough for them to become real. So let this be an encouragement to all those who are out there still trying—keep going because success may be right around the corner, waiting for you, too.

Becoming humble along the way

The thing I love most about Kartik Aaryan is how humble he remains throughout everything that happens to him like this. Where even though everyone knows he’s super talented and could have easily been mean to just about anyone when getting famous overnight – instead, what does Kartik do? He stays grateful while remaining down-to-earth, which makes me respect him so much more as a person than anything else ever could.

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