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Lucky Marwat Attack: 7 Soldiers Martyred


Rawalpindi: Seven soldiers, among them a captain, were martyred in a tragic incident in Lucky Marwat when terrorists attacked a security forces vehicle.

An improvised explosive device (IED) was used to target the vehicle, said the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), adding that the martyrdom of Captain Muhammad Faraz Ilyas from Kasur, Subedar Major Muhammad Nazir, Lance Naik Muhammad Anwar, and Lance Naik Hussain Ali has occurred.

According to ISPR, Sepoy Asadullah, Sepoy Manzoor Hussain, and Sepoy Rashid Mahmood, I also embraced martyrdom during duty.

Captain Muhammad Faraz Ilyas Shaheed had a place in the Kasur locale and joined the Pakistan Armed Force’s Northern Light Infantry (NLI) Regiment in 2020. Although he was only 24 and had a bright future, his marriage would be nullified on June 19. His passing has saddened his siblings and parents. We will always remember Chief Ilyas for his love and passion for the homeland, as he demonstrated bravery and devotion towards the country until the end.

Subedar Major Muhammad Nazir Shaheed hailed from the Skardu district and served the nation for 31 years. He proved himself a strong rock during these years of his service. His commitment to duty remained unshakable throughout; he enjoyed great respect among his colleagues & subordinates alike. He has left behind a widow, two sons, and five daughters to cherish memories of his love, affection, and sacrifices. They deeply grieve the loss of such an ideal husband, father, etcetera, who gave everything until his last breath, always prioritizing national interest over personal gains or comforts. Now, a hero among heroes, he lies enshrined within the earth’s bosom, sleeping peaceably.

Lance Naik Hussain Ali Khan Shaheed belonged to the Ghizer district and served in the Pakistan Army for 14 years. Lance Naik Hussain Ali displayed matchless courage during hazardous situations, acting as a morale booster for fellow soldiers and inspiring others around him. Everyone was proud to be associated with such an exceptional personality because of his sense of duty towards the country. He stood like a wall before enemies, always brave-hearted. Unfortunately, he died very young, leaving behind his parents and brothers, etcetera, who feel deep sorrow at this moment.

Lance Naik Muhammad Anwar Shaheed belonged to the Ghanche district and served in the Pakistan Army for 13 years. He was a dedicated soldier and family man; he left behind his wife, two daughters, and two sons he loved dearly. Lance Naik Anwar’s supreme sacrifice highlights the cost individuals pay while ensuring safety and peace within borders. It remains undisputedly worthy, even though it may appear meaningless to some people at times like these when they fail to understand the true value.

Sepoy Manzoor Shaheed hailed from the Gilgit district and served the Pakistan Army for six years. He always marked his services with utmost dedication to defending the country against any aggression launched from across frontiers. Thus exhibiting the highest spirit of patriotism ever recorded among humanity so far. Achieving nothing less than excellence that deserves recognition worldwide due to its uniqueness seeping throughout. One’s life until death occurs naturally or otherwise without regretting anything concerning such matters referred hereinabove. They were including but not limited to only those areas directly related, i.e., national security interests, guardianship thereon, etcetera.

Sepoy Asadullah Shaheed belonged to Multan and devoted 14 years of his life to service to the nation. He had been fearless and did things that surprised others, leaving no stone unturned while discharging duties assigned to him. Sepoy Asadullah is sure their lives were lived by their wife and one son. Who very much miss their beloved and husband’s father. His sacrifice will forever remain an outstanding example of displaying loyalty toward the motherland.

Sepoy Rashid Mahmood Shaheed belonged to Rawalpindi and served Pakistan Army for 13 years. He was a committed soldier who cared deeply about his family. Parents, brothers, etcetera mourn over losing such an incredible person like him from amongst their midst. Now always silent within earth’s bosom where he lies sleeping peacefully, having fought bravely till his last breath. Always putting the nation before self-interest. Rest well, warrior, true hero among heroes.

The ISPR says that we are still doing the sanitization operation to get rid of the rest of the terrorists. The Pakistan Army draws encouragement from all these sacrifices, and they will continue to fight against terrorism. We will never forget their bravery and devotion, nor will we forget their sacrifice.

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