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Govt Raises Civil Armed Forces Salaries to Army Level


The federal Govt has chosen to adjust the compensations of the Officers. And Wilderness Constabulary with those of the Pakistani armed forces faculty. The prime Minister has also taken measures to increase pay rates for civil armed forces.

Govt Revised Pay Scale 2024 Approved By Ministry Of Finance

To bring them at par with army men, the federal government has made extensive preparations for equalizing civil armed forces’ wages according to an official on Saturday. According to him, “The Ministry of Finance has approved the revised Basic Pay Scale 2024.

Details of the Revised Pay Scale

Under the revised Basic Pay Scale 2024, the maximum salary increase for the civil armed forces will be 55.76% or up to PKR 31,810. Sources indicate that the salary increments will vary according to rank, resulting in different increases, with the average increase being lower.

Govt Scope of the Salary Increase

The Punjab Rangers, Sindh Rangers, Frontier Corps North and FC South in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FC North and FC South in Balochistan, Pakistan Coast Guards, Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts and Frontier Constabulary will get higher salaries.

Effects on Morale and Performance

This move is expected to positively affect the morale and performance of the civil armed forces. The government wants to recognize these forces for their vital role in ensuring security, fighting terrorism, and guarding borders by giving them equal pay with army personnel.

Financial Implication

Implementing new salary structures may greatly affect national budget allocations. But it is considered an essential expenditure towards safeguarding national peace.

Strategic Importance

Aligning the salaries of the civil armed forces with those of the Pakistan Army underscores their strategic importance. The Rangers and FC are often on the frontline, combating internal security threats and assisting in disaster management. Equalizing their pay with the Army acknowledges their contributions and sacrifices.

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