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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Israeli Bombing of Rafah | US Weapons Revealed


On Sunday, an Israeli Bombing of Rafah employed American-made GBU-39 bombs, resulting in at least 45 fatalities and over 200 injuries. Analysis of the debris confirmed the use of these U.S.-designed and manufactured bombs.

The GBU-39 bomb, designed for precision and minimal collateral damage, has been a focal point of U.S. advocacy in Israel’s military operations. Former U.S. Army technician Trevor Ball identified the bomb fragments on the social media platform X. He highlighted distinct features like the bomb’s structure and wings, which were clearly visible in the wreckage.

Palestinian journalist Alam Sadiq captured a video of the debris, revealing a serial number, 81873, which is a specific identifier for American-made bombs produced by the aerospace company Woodward.

The U.S. Urges Israel to Use Smaller Bombs for Urban Areas

A report by The New York Times noted that U.S. officials have been urging Israel to use GBU-39 bombs for months. They argue these bombs are more suitable for urban areas due to their smaller size compared to the larger 2,000-pound bombs typically used by Israel. The GBU-39 bomb weighs approximately 17 kilograms (37 pounds), significantly less than the larger bombs previously supplied.

President Joe Biden announced earlier this month that the United States would halt the supply of larger bombs to Israel. This decision aligns with the belief that smaller bombs like the GBU-39 could minimize civilian casualties in densely populated areas.

When contacted for comments regarding the use of these bombs, U.S. military officials declined to respond.

The Rafah airstrike had catastrophic consequences beyond the immediate explosion. Fires ignited in the crowded refugee tents, leading to the deaths of 45 Palestinians, including 23 women and children. The flames left more than 200 injured, many critically injured. Medical teams are struggling to treat the extensive burns and injuries sustained by the survivors.

This tragic incident has raised full-size issues about the continued use of American-made weaponry in warfare zones, particularly in areas with excessive civilian populations. The worldwide network is asking for greater scrutiny and the law of hands sales to ensure the protection of innocent lives in warfare-ridden regions.

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