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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Canadian Foreign Minister | Unacceptable Killings in Rafah


Canadian Foreign Minister Demands Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

The Canadian Foreign Minister, Mélanie Joly, has called on Israel to cease its attacks on Palestinian territories immediately. In a speech to Parliament today, she reiterated Canada’s position on the Israeli operation in Gaza, which has been clear for weeks – that it is unacceptable to kill innocent Palestinians. “Even in times of war, there are certain principles of humanity that must be respected,” said Joly. However, what we are seeing from Gaza is heart-wrenching, and there is no safe place left for Palestinians.” She told the Speaker: “The situation in Palestine is catastrophic; therefore, an immediceasefirefire should be enforced by the Canadian Government.”

“I am appalled by the number of civilians being killed in Gaza as a result of Israeli bombing,” wrote Ms Joly on micro-blogging website (X). “Canada does not support any Israeli military operation in Gaza.” In another post, she added: “We demand an iceasefireceasefire and an end to this series of humanitarian disasters.”

Intensive Bombing in Rafah by Israeli Military

It should be noted that two days ago, the Israeli military forces carried out an intensive bombing campaign against Rafah, which was considered at that time as the safest area within the Gaza Strip worth mentioning that 45 innocent civilians were martyred during these brutal bombings, according to Ministry Of Health- Gaza Strip. Since October 7, 2023, until now around 36000 Palestinians have been martyred due to the enemy’s fire.

This call by Ms. Mélanie comes amidst mounting international pressure upon Israel. So it may halt its military operations conducted against the Gaza Strip since a few months back. The government of Canada has expressed disapproval over what it terms as ‘the aggressive actions. Taken by Israel towards Palestinians living both within and without their designated statehood boundaries. Hence indicating unequivocally her commitment towards upholding human rights provisions enshrined under various international treaties ratified universally by member countries, including but not limited only to the Ottawa Convention 1997, which prohibits the use of anti-personnel landmines while also extending an invitation for all parties involved in this armed conflict.

Gaza continues to be pounded by Israeli air strikes, with civilians bearing the brunt of the violence. International pressure needs to be maintained cease fireael until it agrees on a ceasefire and starts working towards ending its military operations in Gaza. Butchering innocent Palestinians should stop. The first step in achieving this will be a ceasefire agreed upon between both sides.

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